Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Couch Day!

I pretty much sat on that couch and laid on the floor all day long after lunch yesterday. This is as far as I got on the Bikini Challenge .. leg lifts.. and that was it! I guess pushing myself hard = increased resistance, on the cross ramp while caffeine was pumping through my veins, then working a physical demanding job just plain tired me out. I didn't even change out of my work-yoga pants... now that's tired.. 
I'm feeling so much better today and I hope to accomplish a lot on my todo list. I can already check off 6 miles on the cross ramp and my ab workout and yoga stretching.

Top 10 things I'm looking forward to This Friday!!!

1. My Friday (weekly) massage.
2. Finishing work
3. Being done with Day 25 Bikini challenge (skipped day 24)
4. It's Friday
5. My weekend long run on Saturday.. going for 2 hours = 12+ miles
6. Rice/salsa for lunch
7. popcorn for a snack
8. $5 nail polish color change
9. Picking up fresh fruit
10. Enjoying today and being in the moment!

Day 25 Bikini Challenge...93 days total because I missed 3..and why is it when I do this short 6 minute exercises that everyone wants to talk to me, needs me for something or I need to come help them right this second. Really.. it's just 6 minutes. 

8. ELBOW PLANK 1:30/30
9. Straight Arm PLANK 1:00/1:00
10. Super Woman 2:00

What are you looking forward to on this Friday?

Doing a long workout this weekend? What? & Why or  Why not?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Junk Right Now..

I was actually craving healthy foods for lunch. This was even after I visited the grocery store where temptations of all kinds were everywhere! 
My plan was to have some Brussels sprouts but I discovered we didn't have any in the freezer. I found Green Giants, Teriyaki Steamers. It contains, brown rice, broccoli, sugar snap peas, Edamame, and red bell peppers in the most delicious Teriyaki sauce that is not over powering the veggies. (I did not get a free sample, all opinions are mine and only mine). The first thing I notice was how great this smelled. It took a quick 4 minutes in the microwave, which I like. I hate waiting for my lunch and the quicker the better because I'm starved. I love how you actually get broccoli, not any stems like you get with other brands, where they show you the buds and you get the switch instead. This is the real deal.. all good crisp veggies with lots of flavor.I will definately eat this again. I did notice it's a limited edition.. not liking that. Oh and the best part only 200 calories. Just wish I knew how many servings of veggies it contained. It didn't fill me up but it makes a great addition to a healthy lunch. 

I'm really trying to get back to eating more healthy. The new rule is 80/20 where 80% of the time you eat healthy and 20% do what you want.. I'm pretty much anti-diet, but pro healthy foods. After all I was able to still eat and lose 50 pounds.. Mostly just ate veggies, had some protein (chicken, pork) for dinner and kept my calories around 1800. It took time, slow and steady but it was the best, easiest way to lose the weight. 

Going... Going.. Alone.

I was semi trying to talk myself out of going to the gym this morning. I had to go it alone since Steve had an early morning class. I was trying to use the weather as my excuse.. Too dangerous to drive, might spin out and get stuck some where... or the snow drifts would be covering the roads. None of which happened.. because they are only in my head. 
I had a friend ask me yesterday by text if I enjoyed running in the cold. My reply:  "No way am I running outside in the cold. I'm getting to like the treadmill at the gym". Did I just say I liked the treadmill? 
It's hard taking a clear photo when your moving.. I had an extra surge of energy thanks to a headache when I woke up. I took Excedrin which contains a good amount of caffeine. I gave my hurting toe a rest from the treadmill and just stayed on the cross ramp for the hour. I increased the resistance to give myself a hard workout! 13 going forward and 14 backwards, 30 minutes in each direction.  This is a lot harder of a workout then running..It's like running up stairs.. with weights on your feet for an hour. Love how I burn 700 calories in an hour.. and still do 6 miles.. 
My favorite thing to do before and after a workout is lay on the floor and stretch.. I should probably do this at night because my back always aches a little after I sit around relaxing. I decided to start doing planks not only in the morning but at night too. I forgot last night even though it was on my todo list. I have to start making it a habit. I am really seeing results from my planking effort. It's called AB muscles... they are coming out.. I'm sure they would be all out if I could drop 10 pounds. Maybe me having to do an evening workout would prevent me from eating a bowl of ice cream at night? Do you ever wonder why we crave ice cream even when it's below Zero? I've been loving Death by Chocolate.... I allow myself one cup in a tiny bowl, and I eat it with a tiny spoon to make it last. 
It looks like I have things to do other then lay around all morning.. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two Compliments... What's going on?

This was not the best Selfie.. Headless..I actually wore something other then leggings yesterday. I tend to wear the same old things. I found a sweater hanging in my closet and decided why not.. and then put on some jeans. Jeans are just not as comfy as legging .. I kept having this dream last night where I could not fit into any of my summer shorts. Now that's a nightmare! 

I didn't feel like working on our taxes yesterday.. I still have 5 of those bags full of receipts to go through. I just avoided the whole need to do our tax thing and did some therapeutic shopping for me instead. While I was at TJ Maxx checking out the jewelry the woman at the counter struck up a conversation with me while I was browsing.. Some how I mentioned going to DC with my daughter and grandson.. when she said.. "how can you be a grandmother.. you Still look like a baby yourself". A few hours later Steve and I were at the Insurance office and the owner woman who I haven't seen in a few years, said.. "how is it possible you are getting younger looking?" Two compliments in one day! I'll take it! Thank you very much.. I needed that! 
Back to shopping.. I was a bit distracted by the complements.. I didn't find anything I liked or even wanted to try on at TJ Maxx. I decided to go to the Running Room. Maybe its me, but I hate being bothered by sales people when I'm just looking. I didn't know what I wanted, but I wanted to look at everything. Is there something wrong with that? I did wear my Brooks Glycerin 11 running shoes in case I decided to get new shoes. I dislike being told what shoes I should look at. Mine were more stability shoes, as I was told by the sales woman. She directed me to look at only certain shoes based on Stability. I want to try on and look at what I want. Not what I'm told based on what someone else told me I should run in.. I'm the one who needs to figure that out.. I left empty handed.. Too much pressure and I didn't know what I wanted. I need to go to a bigger store on a busy day so they will leave me alone!
Our picky eater requested chicken and asparagus for dinner last night. He wanted it Asian style and he was going to cook. He's getting to be a good cook, it was pretty delicious! Best part is.. he eats and doesn't complain about his own cooking. Win..win for all!
It's that time of day.. I need to do my Bikini Challenge Exercises.. Day 22... I'm so not feeling like doing anymore today. My running again was easy 6.0mph pace for 23 minutes then ran at 6.5mph just to get in 3 miles before the 30 minutes was up.. and 3 miles on the cross ramp. My ab workout was cut short.. Steve needed a little more wake up time and made us late to the gym. I'm more of a on-time person, but it's a small price to have him workout with me.. 

3. PUSH UPS 12
(Heart Rate)
 (Doing the last 3 2x's per day.. (morning and night)
8. ELBOW PLANK 1:30/30
9. Straight Arm PLANK 1:30 /30
10. Super Woman 2:00

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

You are what you eat!

Not a lot of words.. Just photos of what I ate.. Morning breakfast.. Just whole grain bread with Chunky PB.. Didn't have a photo with just wheat bread.. Calories bread 200, PB 100 = 300 breakfast
Okay, I caved.. but instead of having a monster slice.. it was a small sliver of cake. Just enough to get me over my craving but not enough to make me mad about my food choices! Cake = 200 Calories, mid morning snack craving!
 1 chocolate, chocolate chip crinkle cookie.. I had to try them before giving them out for work. 75 calories mid morning snack
 Leftover lasagna for lunch.. this should hold me over to dinner... 600 calories = lunch
I'll be posting the rest of my food in pix as I eat.. Maybe a visual will help me get back on track tomorrow! That leaves about 500 calories for dinner..... Soup? .. and I only drink water and lots of it! Sunday's I do a glass or two of wine but that's the only liquid calories I drink. 

This has me down and out...

Once again I'm going on and on about my poor food choices and lack of losing more weight.. Those darn 10 pounds.. I really wanted cake last night when we got home from dinner at 8pm. I was not hungry and it was late, but still wanted it.. I just love cake and we've now had a cake in the frig since Saturday. That cake is just plain evil and it's calling me...It's the store bought cake with that lardy good, but so, so bad for you frosting. Steve said  four small words.. "Do you need it?" He was 100% right. I didn't need it and was thankful he was there to remind me. I don't need it. He hears me wanting to lose that last 10 pounds and is trying to support my efforts and his too. He still has 10 pounds to lose. 
I put in so much effort to go every day to the gym and run. I make good food choices up until lunch 80% of the time.. and some how after lunch.. I forget and want to eat whatever and not think about my real weight loss goals and fitness plan. 

My running and working out has become the easy part. I've changed my morning habits for good but not my evening. I'm tired in the afternoon-evening and this is when I fail myself.. Each and every day. 

I know how to make changes.. its all about baby steps.. but I need a fail proof plan and there is no such thing. I'm never going to be that person who can eat what they want even with exercise. It's always going to be a lot of effort. 

Tired.. take a nap
hungry.. drink more water
Eat like a bird.. 1500 calories.. 

Bikini Challenge, day 22.. Pretty proud that I'm still doing this hard workout. Some days, most days I don't feel like doing more exercises after I've been to the gym the last 1.5hrs. that's the last thing I feel like doing.. But I'm doing it.. hope it becomes a every day habit. 
3. PUSH UPS 12
(Heart Rate)
8. ELBOW PLANK 1:30,1:00
9. Straight Arm PLANK 1:30, 1:00
10. Super Woman 2:00

Monday, February 24, 2014

How time flew...

My baby girl is 14 today! Happy, Happy birthday my sweet, beautiful, funny Celina. Where did the years go.. seems like yesterday you were just a little baby.. 
Auntie Celina wanted her picture taken Evan. He was very dressed  up for her family birthday party. 

Celina requested lasagna for dinner. We had to make two, one all veggie with egg plant, tomatoes, peppers and fresh mozzarella. The other, with spicy sausage and they were both delicious! I'm super excited to have leftovers for lunch. 
Logan was trying his best to photo bomb every family photo. This is totally something I would have done at his age. 

Celina wanted Chocolate Molten Cake with vanilla ice cream for her birthday cake. She doesn't even like chocolate cake (I know crazy kid) but she does love this cake. It was super chocolaty but turned out perfect. 

Look at those little chubby arms. I got carried away with all the chocolate, it was all over my fingers which I didn't notice till I saw Evan's clothes had chocolate prints all over. I think we got out all the chocolate, dried his clothes, so he could wear something home. 
I get to spend my whole day with this little guy. He's sleeping now.. I got in my morning run before he came over. It's a good thing now I can just spend my day holding him.  

My run was good this morning. Same old same old workout this morning. Consistency is good 99% of the time.. Easy 3 miles on the cross ramp to warm up, then 30 minutes on the treadmill, started off easy at a 10 minute mile (6.0mph) with 1.5% incline, then the next mile at 6.5mph and the last back down at 6.0mph. with random hills. I had to quickly do my every-day abs, arms at the gym, so we could rush home to watch Evan. 

Did I ever re-cap my week? This is my totals for last week (if your interested...)
18 miles on the cross ramp
12 miles on the treadmill
12 miles cross country skiing
Total weekly miles = 52 

Your probably getting sick of my Bikini Challenge, but there are more days to go.. total 92... I'm on Day 21
3. PUSH UPS 12
(Heart Rate)
8. ELBOW PLANK 1:30/30
9. Straight Arm PLANK 1:30 /1:00
10. Super Woman  2:00

Sunday, February 23, 2014

See me Struggle, see me Fall, See me get up, See me Run on...

We all have struggles and we all fall..its what comes after the fall.. We pick ourselves up and see where life takes us or in my case.. I get up and run on.. 
The daily struggle to keep working out, keep running to stay fit. I found ways to reward myself when things get hard and it feels like a struggle to keep going. Lately, running has been a struggle, the bikini Challenge has been a struggle, keeping the weight off is always a struggle. I might have felt like I was falling.. or failing myself, but I just pick up and keep running on. This is my reward, pink polish with sparkles of glitter to keep run  on.. It sure was nice having fun finger nails to look at while I ran. I think this needs to be at least a once a month treat. 
Last nights dinner out to eat for Celina's Birthday Party.. Dinner at Kami, where they cook all the food right there on a big grill while you watch. I was too stuffed to eat 99% of the food. I made the mistake of filling up on salad, soup and fried rice. I'll have the leftovers for lunch. I felt a little swollen from the salt attack. Salt Over Load! 
I wanted to try a new running shirt. I put it on this morning and was convinced I would be way too warm. Maybe I'll save this shirt for outdoor 40*F running.. When ever that might be? 
I did something fun today. I got to run next to people on either side of me running at 6.5mph. I ran the same speed, but added those hills, incline to 1.5 for two miles, the last mile I ran at 7.0mph and the last 0.5 miles at 7.5mph and I didn't feel like dying. Finished my 3 miles in 27 minutes then took it easy back down to 6.0mph to cool off and finish my 30 minutes on the treadmill. I started with the cross ramp 3 miles as always. 
Bikini Challenge day 19
3. PUSH UPS 10
(Heart Rate)
8. ELBOW PLANK 1:30, 30
9. Straight Arm PLANK 1:00, 1:00
10. Super Woman 2:00

I had my kids try my Bikini challenge yesterday. They couldn't even do the planks and they were DONE. 


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Worked it.. my way!

It might have been a rough but beautiful drive to the gym this morning, but I worked it! That is worked my butt off.. or tried to. 
I'm just trying to get motivated to do my Daily Bikini Challenge I think it's day 18? I need to rest first... so you'll have to give me a few more minutes of laying on the floor. 
Celina has to make crepes with bananas in a caramel sauce for a school class. She wanted to try making them at home and we were happy to try them out. She is a pretty good cook with a little help. Steve helped her while I was at the gym but I came home to a delicious breakfast waiting for me. 
I'd still rather have crepes with raspberry jelly... then anything else.. and that's exactly what I did.. The perfect post running food. 
I just notice this huge icicle hanging off the side of our garage.  Makes me want to go out there and break it off, just for fun. Did you ever suck on these when you were a kid? I probably did, but it grosses me out to think I might have, so I'll just pretend, No never!!!
Here's more of my glitter obsession.. "L" for Lorraine.. 

Back to my running my buns off today.. 3 miles = 30 minutes on the cross ramp, 31 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5mph. I know.. slow.. running. Plus, the incline was broken so no hills either. I was a super slacker. I did feel like I could have kept running for miles and miles at this nice pace. 

Which brings me to another question.. I work so hard at working out every day.. why do I let my diet go? My buns are never going to get tone (cellulite free) with out more hard work going into my diet or healthy eating. I really need to get back to limiting sugar. Easy to say after I've just been eating Crepes with jelly for breakfast. Seriously.. If I want to keep improving, tone those buns, arms, abs, legs.. I must watch what I eat. I love this saying.. What you eat in private..you wear in public.. 
Day 18 Bikini Challenge.. 
3. PUSH UPS 10
(Heart Rate)
8. ELBOW PLANK 1:00/1:00
9. Straight Arm PLANK 1:30/30
10. Super Woman 2:00


Any healthy eating tips? 

What are you obsessed with right now? 

Ever eat snow or icicles? 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Snowed In...

I have no idea of the official snow fall.. I lost track of how many times we went out to shovel yesterday. We woke up to at least 7" of snow and 3 extra feet from the plow! Schools are canceled and we are snowed in for the day! No travel advised due to the ice covered roads, blowing and drifting snow. 
We pretty much gave up on trying to lift the snow up and over the snow banks on either side of the driveway. We were just trying to make one path to get a car out.. 

Celina decided to take a break from shoveling and go climb up one of the snow banks on the side of the driveway. No need to climb a tree.. she was half way up.... 
The trees are super pretty.. lots and lots of fresh snow!

Where do you start? 
Our neighbor with the snow blower to the rescue. We would have never cleared the end of the driveway.. Thank you, thank you!!!! Even his snow blower was having trouble with the deep end of the driveway snow.

I'm not sure there will be any running today. I will have to wait and see if I can get to the gym safely. I will do my Bikini challenge at some point.. Day 18.. of my 92 day challenge! 

3. PUSH UPS 11
(Heart Rate)
8. ELBOW PLANK 1:30/30
9. Straight Arm PLANK 1:00/ 1:00
10. Super Woman 2:00

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Full Blown Blizzard!

We are expected to get any where from 9 inches to over a foot of snow. Blizzard here we go! 
It is super pretty with all that heavy wet snow stuck to all the trees. What's not pretty lifting the stuff off the driveway. It feels like moving bricks! I'm keeping up on the falling snow and make sure it's no more then 1" on the driveway to clear. 
The snow was suppose to start around noon. I decided to nap until the snow arrived. When I woke up an hour later.. this is what I saw.. 
I'm so glad I napped. I needed the rest. Getting up super early and pushing myself to run 12 miles the last few days has worn me out. Plus the fact, I stayed up past 10pm watching TV didn't help and then I had a restless sleep. I have to make up for the lack of sleep and naps just work great. Lets just hope with all this shoveling it will help me sleep tonight!
The weather report is for snow all night till 6am. We'd better set our alarm clocks to get out and shovel at least 2x's over the night. Blizzard should start right about when the snow is expected to stop, blowing, drifting and cold, cold winds.. back to that Polar Vortex .. until sometime next week. 
I do love snow.. but I'm also wondering about spring.. ? Will we even have one this year? Last year it was July 4th before it really warmed up.. 
I'd better get out there and shovel again.. this is going to be a long snow night!
If only we could have won the 400 million lottery last night. We'd be off to some sunny warm place. Dreaming of Florida.. the ocean, 80's and sunshine!
And of course.. running on the beach.. 

Amazingly Delicious!

This has to be one of the biggest reasons I don't lose weight. I have to blame it on something other then my need to eat fries, cake and ice cream on a daily basis. 
Steve is such a good cook. Thankfully, he does 99% of the meal cooking. If it was left to me, we'd be eating boxed or frozen already prepared foods. Last night he made a pork roast, pan fried it and used our fresh rosemary to season the pork. There was sour dough bread (store bought) potatoes, sweet peppers with fresh ginger, broccoli and a salad. So much good food. I'm having this as lunch leftovers. I really know how to pile it all on my plate. 
The last 2 days I've put in a few miles 24. I decided it would probably be a good idea to take it easy this morning. My legs felt so heavy and tired the first few minutes on the cross ramp. My legs were like cement blocks. Good thing that feeling went away and then a few good songs came on my Ipod and before you know it.. I was upping the resistance and working hard. After 30 minutes, I switched to running on the treadmill where I did an easy 10 minute mile.. Done with 6 miles today and no more! 
We are expected to get maybe 10" of snow today.. Blizzard tonight and then the polar vortex is going to return to below zero.. I'll be getting in lots of snow shoveling today. My plan after work, is to keep up on all the snow. This way I won't be shoveling more then a few inches at a time. Smart plan and good arm, ab exercise! 
Florida Keys in October.. a good before the bikini challenge photo..
I'm on Day 17 of my challenge.. I think somewhere I screwed up on the days lol..  

(Heart Rate)
9. Straight Arm PLANK
10. Super Woman