Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I'm trying to Multi-task to make up for Saturday laziness.

I spent a good part of my Saturday relaxing, reading and napping. That snow run really made me tired and I think the Turkey after affects starting to hit.. the laziness of the weekend. 
 I started off making some banana bread, 4 mini loaves. 
Logan's been asking for chocolate crinkle cookies. I added in some chocolate chips to make them extra chocolate - good! 

(In-process/ photo to come)
I then mixed up some french bread dough and now am letting it rise to bake. I'll have a photo posted soon when its out of the oven. 
It was too chilly this morning to run outdoors. Anything close to zero or below, I head for the gym to run inside. It sure was tough running on the cross ramp. It took about 63 minutes to run 6 miles, random incline. I thought about staying and lifting weights for about two seconds then decided just to go to Cub and pick up my favorite morning bread. I was 100% out and had to resort to a slice rye bread and smart butter before my workout.
It was good, but not what I wanted to eat for breakfast. I still have to do my planks, squats, lunges, bridge and twists. I usually do all this before I run. Not sure why I didn't this morning? I really feel like skipping it altogether but that would set me up for wanting to skip these exercises every day. 

November is over today.. I get to tally up my miles I ran, cross ramp, bike and lifted weights for the month. 

November Totals: 
Running: 89.6 miles
Stationary Bike: 13 miles
Cross Ramp: 35 miles
Soccer Hours: 4 hrs
Weights: 10 times
Daily Exercises (listed above): 24(25) /out of 30 days
# of Rest days: 3

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Snow day.. Not sure if I'm running or x-skiing or both? So very undecided!!!

I've got to make a decision.. Do I run or do I ski or could I do both? 
I was really stalling on my morning workout. Running is a tough sport. There is no one telling me to get out there and run. It's up to me and only me to head out the door to run. It would be very easy to stay in the warm house and not have to work so hard running. I had one of those mornings I wanted to just say inside on the couch. Even taking yesterday off a 100% rest day with zero planks, squats, bridges, twists or lunges and definitely no running, just lots of walking and standing while shopping on Black Friday. 
My running trail was snow covered and very slow going. It gave me a whole new workout just to push though the snow. You have to forget pace in snow. It's just going to be a lot slower. I concentrate more on effort and time I'm running. I was going for 60 minutes but stopped 5 minutes short. My toes were starting to feel like they could get blisters from the friction. I doubled up on the socks, combine that with the snow and I could feel my toes hurting with the rubbing. I'm probably running more on my toes then mid foot to push off and get in the next step. 
Once I was running and didn't care about my pace. I just looked around and enjoyed the winter day. It wasn't too cold out 20's and  not too windy. Plus, there are still birds hanging out and they all looked happy. I'm out running and doing something with my time. 
It felt good to be done running. Maybe later on I'll want to cross country ski? I'm still so very undecided but at least I didn't give myself the chance to decide if I should run. I just did it and got it done! 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Damage Control

The Holiday food damage control has yet to begin.
My favorite is stuffing with lots of gravy followed by the sweet potatoes. I'm not a huge fan of the marshmallows on top of potatoes, so I try to dig deep to avoid that. I also skipped the roll for a second helping of my two favorites. I do like turkey but it's all about the stuffing for me. 
We had three pies. The kid each made a pie, Celina a chocolate praline pie and Logan made pumpkin. Claudette made the sweet potato which is always my favorite. If I had to choose between pie and stuffing and could only have one, I'd take the stuffing. Its so good, I already ate my lunch of gravy and stuffing at 10am. 
Good thing I made it to the gym on Thanksgiving morning. I ran 6 miles and it took forever! It was also a lot harder to do then I recall. Back to starting over on the cross ramp with pumping it back up to where I left off on the incline and resistance. I'm almost there. 
I was up super early at 4am and by 6am I was headed out the door for some Early Bird Black Friday shopping. Old Navy, Walmart and Kohls. Three hours later I headed for home. I had no plan in mind for shopping but got a few good deals. Found some gifts to get a start on Christmas shopping. I even found myself some leggings, a holiday shiny tank top, 3 pairs of earning and a new gray sweater. I definitely could go back to bed now that I'm full of stuffing. 
We have enough snow to do some cross country skiing. I'm doing to do a little more shopping with the kids first, then I'm heading out to ski for my exercise today. No running or the gym. Just going to enjoy the change of exercise. 
I also wanted to share a good healthy lunch I made yesterday. I wanted to try broccoli slaw and knew it would be good with some lite ranch dressing. I tried to go easy on the dressing since that's where the calories add up. It's 25 calories for 1-1/2 cups of the slaw, 80 calories for 2 Table spoons of lite ranch dressing. Delicious and a good option to eat for a side or main meal. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for, more then I've listed. 
I'm Thankful for....
  • Our families health. Health is everything. 
  • Running, it gives me health, and purpose.
  • Our customers as we are self employed and depend on them for income. 
  • Fun and happiness, without those two things our life would not be the same. We all need some joy and laughter in our lives. 
  • Friends far and near. They might come and go throughout life, but are important relationships.
  • My children and grand child.. they bring us joy.  

Taking a 12 year old to the gym and a pulled muscle!

Logan turned 12, finally at that age where you can go to the gym. He wanted a membership to build some muscle, and to work on running endurance for soccer. Giving him a gift of a membership to the gym was a good idea. 
I should have been a good blogger and taken photos at the gym, but I didn't. Logan having never worked out in a gym, didn't know anything about lifting weights or the machines for cardio. Celina, had weight training at school in gym, so she only needed a few tips and was easy compared to Logan. 
Logan was all about acting a bit silly at the gym, just like in this photo. He just wanted to figure it out on his own and act goofy while doing it. He doesn't need to take this all serious, but I don't need him getting hurt either. I just wanted to make sure he knew the correct way to behave and use the machines. 
Logan doesn't need to spend a lot of time in the gym or build a lot of muscle. I'm not sure how often he will want to come with Celina and I to the gym, but at least he knows how to use the equipment and can figure out what he wants to do, on his own. 
Going to play soccer last night at 10pm might not have been that good for me. I ate way too much at dinner. Can you say binge day and 100% off my 1500 calorie diet. I made poor food choices from lunch on.. There was no getting around eating out for lunch and Culvers was the choice location. I just ordered two fried chicken tenders and onion rings which I tried to share with Steve. The meal also came with a drink and they do have my favorite root beer. Ugh! Came home to have popcorn, okay that's not a bad choice, but the cookie bars were and I over indulged in them! 
So much for waiting till Thanksgiving to splurge a little. Dinner wasn't much better with pasta but I did have a salad and then came the garlic bread. I ate just the buttery garlic soft bread in the middle and left the crust. Way too much white bread and the not good for me junk like butter. My stomach didn't feel that great playing soccer even thought I had a few hours to digest. 
On warm up, I managed to pull a thigh (Quad) muscle. Nothing like having a pulled muscle and try to run. We had plenty of subs, so I stretched out my legs while others went in to play. I spent most of last night stretching out my muscle in hopes to loosen it up and prevent a worse injury. It worked. Not 100% but not as painful. Stretching and keeping at it worked with also a little help from Advil. 
I still don't feel very speedy while playing soccer. I decided it's time to start doing 2 speed sessions per week. One on my own and one during soccer. I can't expect to get fast, if I'm not running faster a few times a week. I have exactly 4 weeks left to play soccer and I want to make the most out of my playing time. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That just felt wrong!

It felt so wrong that Steve was off to the gym this morning and I wasn't going. I have soccer tonight so I'm saving my running speed energy for tonight. It's a late, late game and I hope that I'm able to stay awake. I know after the game, I'll be wide awake and be full of night time energy! 
I was hoping there was an indoor dome during the day hours where they had open times and I could go in and practice goal kicks. I had zero luck so far but I have one more dome to check for open times. I think I saw a sigh up saying open times for $5??? I just need to get my kick down and need some practice. 
I just can't seem to make cookie bars without doing a dough taste test. Last night I made this chocolate chip cookie dough and added chocolate, peanut butter chips and topped with mini Reese pieces. I give most away to my work customers and the rest will be eaten by my kids. 
It would also be very wrong not to spend an hour plus every morning laying on the floor stretching. My kids usually find me every morning laying here. Its my normal and I like it. Stretching really helps loosen up my tight sore back. I always wake to a stiff back that aches. I work out all the kinks by doing my yoga stretching. I sometimes do this after working too because when I sit for too long my back gets sore and aches. Stretching prevents my back from hurting and it just feels a lot better! 
I've been doing these bridge 2 minute holds for.. well probably since summer. I'd have to look back in my fitness book to tell you the exact month and date I started doing this exercise. I read that it helps runners with stronger glutes. After all, my blog title is Run, Run my buns off! I'm not sure its made my buns any more tone, but I'm sure to notice if I stop doing them so it doesn't hurt to keep doing bridges every day. It's like everything, once you stop and try to start again.. then you notice how fit you once were. I don't want to stop to realize it. I'll just keep going. 
I'm having a no makeup Tuesday. Since getting my eyelash extensions I don't really feel the need to wear any makeup. Now if there was only something for dark circles under the eyes I'd be able to go makeup free all the time. 
Day 9 of my 1500 calorie diet. I had budgeted a burger into my calories for the day. We had grass fed beef and I opted for no cheese. I do love my ketchup and I know it's loaded with sugar. Some day I'll try salsa instead. 
I had my burger with 1/2 of this sweet potato. Just love sweet potatoes! So easy to make, just poke a few fork holes in the potato, pop in the microwave and cook until it feels soft and squishy. A good filling healthy low calorie food. 
I had my usual snack of microwave popcorn but had a slice of rye/pumpernickel bread with a small amount of smart butter. One of my favorite types of bread plus only 80 calories. 
I do love a good cheese. I never thought I'd love blue cheese but I do now. I need to have it on my salads. Steve and I ogled over the cheeses at Cub foods, but we decided no need for the added calories as that would just be wrong to keep on my 1500 calorie diet!
I finally remembered to look for some warmers. I'm thinking they might work to keep my buns toasty warm on a really cold running day. I come home usually to a very frozen butt. It's not pleasant during my run. It never warms up and I really want to try these warmers. It might be the new thing! I might have to invent leggings with pockets for bun warmers! Wouldn't that be funny! 
Work has been extremely busy and I get a good amount of exercise while I work. I've been skipping my morning run and saving my energy for work. Celina and I did go to the gym after work. I didn't want to run due to my exercise filled work day so I biked again. 6 miles on the stationary bike but at an easy 6 level random hills. We lifted weights after for 35 minutes. I once again did not write down what I lifted and how many reps. I did think about a system to do this and need to put that in place as well. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two items I don't track and really should!

I pretty much track everything fitness with the exception of two things that I should track because they are just as important. 
1. My sleep. I am a horrible sleeper. I'm up at least 2 or more times a night. I have a pattern and its usually awake at 2am and up till 3am sometimes sooner and some nights later depending on when I go to bed. I usually am very consistent about going to bed the same time each night. I have dark curtains to keep out light, I even turn over my clock so I can't see the light or the time. I read before bed to relax so I don't have trouble falling asleep, just staying asleep. I don't drink a ton of water after dinner or much of anything, but still find myself getting up every night. This is what I should track. The number of hours I actually sleep and note the times I wake up. Maybe I could then figure out a pattern and a way to change my sleep to get a good night rest without all the waking up. Its also important to get enough sleep, as it aids in recovery from running, repairing those muscles. All the more reason to get my sleep in every night and make it a good nights rest. Not a restless night. 

2. Weight training (resistance)- I am starting to get back to a regular habit of lifting weights at least 3 times a week. Now to record what I do, how much I lift. This will help me see progress. It will also help me stay consistent with resistance training and not have a big lapse over the summer months when I avoid the gym to do my workout outdoors.  Muscle burns fat and keeps me tone. Running doesn't do that.. as it just keeps my cardo fitness up. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Perfect November Day to Run.

Looking out the window Sunday Morning... and what do I see? No more snow! We had a warm up and all the snow melted. It's back today with a light covering of snow. We woke to 40 - 50 degree temperatures on Sunday and it was a perfect November day to go for a run. 

Happy Feet, that's all I can say when it's a day to run outdoors! 

Because it was warm and there was no ice or snow to worry about on the path, I got to run the big loop around the neighborhood. No need to stick super close to home. It was a foggy morning and the fog coming off the lake in the back was thick. My photos don't do the fog justice!
I had to stop to take a few photos and then realized my GPS was never set to start. I really did run 6 miles and no more! 

My feet start to get sore so I'm guessing they are telling me its time for a new pair of running shoes with more cush!

It was really warm out and I had to shed every layer, even my arm warmers after mile 2.. 
Celina wanted to go to the gym to run and lift weights. No time to rest and it was off to the gym. I was done running so I opted to bike while Celina ran 2 miles. I was able to bike 6 miles, with random hill but at an easy level 5. Nothing too strenuous! 
We lifted weights for 40 minutes and my abs are a little sore today. I was hoping since I spent more time on my arms I'd feel sore but nope only my abs of all things! 
 Kendra stopped over in the afternoon and the three of us went for a walk around the lake looking for birch tree so she could make some candle holders. It was a little muddy but a nice walk and it felt good to be outside. 
 Sunday was our family dinner night. I wanted to make some lettuce wraps. Because Kendra does not eat meat we kept the veggies and Chicken/Steak separate. Steve also roasted broccoli with olive oil and garlic in the oven. A delicious semi healthy meal. Then I had to have one of my chocolate & Peanut butter chip cookie bars topped with some caramel-chocolate chunk praline ice cream. Totally worth the diet cheat! I still managed to stay at 1700 calories for the day and had all that exercise to burn off the extra 200+ calories. 
In all my first week of dieting, 1500 calories was successful. I feel good about wanting to continue this week, even on a holiday- big eating day. Most of the meals I was able to give myself a smiley face for making good food choices and sticking to my calorie allotment for that meal. I had a few slip ups at the end of the week on the weekend but in all.. I'm pretty happy with my progress and diet plan. I don't have to be "good" with my diet all the time. This is a slow and steady plan to get me to make better food choices and slowly lose 10 pounds. I'm trying to re-learn how to eliminate the junk from my diet and crave the good stuff. Of course, I'm all about moderation and will still enjoy cookies, cakes and ice cream but just not every day. Once or twice a week is more then enough. Making small changes today will benefit me tomorrow and the rest of my life. 
Now to get through the next three days of a very busy work schedule. I'm grateful that Steve took the week off of his work schedule to help me. We work great together and I really enjoy his company working together. Which reminds me.. I'll be doing a "I'm Grateful for "... on Wednesday.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Three things you must try and some other random things.

Here are three things I just discovered that you must try! 

1. Popping popcorn in a brown paper bag in the microwave. Just as good as the pre-packed microwave popcorn with out all that bad stuff. I made two batches, used 1/3 cup Orville's un-popped kernels. The first batch was without coating the corn in oil, 2nd batch I lightly coated the kernels in butter then popped. Either way works fine. You just need to watch the corn so you don't over cook it and burn the batch. 
2. Baking with Greek yogurt in place of oil or butter. I made this Cranberry Orange Bread yesterday.

 Steve said it was my best quick bread. I still think my banana bread is the best, but this is defiantly 2nd. 

It was super easy to make since it was add everything and hand stir. To speed up the baking process I used three small loaf pans and cooked them for half the time. I think an orange glaze drizzled on top would make it that much better! 

  A Red Cow onion Burger with homemade cut potato chips and onion rings. Steve and I always share our food to not over eat. The burger was huge and I'm glad we share. I didn't take a photo of the wings we split but I had three of their buffalo wings.. also very delicious. 
I didn't stick to my 1500 calories yesterday due to going out to eat. I did do a few things to still cut back. 1. I drank water, no wine or other calorie drink. 2. We shared our food, and I only ate half of everything instead of a whole meal. 3. I don't eat the skin on the wings where all the fat is. 4. I just add ketchup no mayo on my burger. What I probably didn't need was the three fried onion rings. Oh well, you have to live a little. 
My jeans are fitting a lot looser around the waist. I weighted myself yesterday even though I said I would wait. I still have 10 pounds to lose but at least its no more then 10. Considering that I hardly weight myself this is a good thing its only 10 pounds and not more. 
Due to our warm up, in the 40's this morning. We are losing snow at a fast rate. I'll be able to run outside for a second day in a row this morning. We are back on Monday to a deep freeze so not sure if I'll be stuck in the gym again all next week?? I won't be running on Monday or Tuesday as my work day is CRAZY busy, Wednesday I have a soccer game, speed work and I usually run just a few miles to save up for my speed running during the game. Thursday is Turkey day. I might do a virtual 6 mile turkey trot run. Friday is shopping day, which will also be a back to running and of course will run over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Then its back to my normal M-Sunday running.