Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Monday, November 13, 2017

Eye, How Life Changes Quickly!

How life changes quickly. Just when we were all on auto pilot and things were going great, it all comes crashing down in one accident. 

Steve put a hole in the globe of his right eye. He had emergency surgery on Nov 11th. It's a slow healing process. He can't work, bend over or lift more then 20 pounds. He had a lot of blood in his eye after the trauma injury so he is still unable to see out of his right eye. The front of the eye will need multiple surgeries over the next year. We have no idea of if he will get his sight back but are hopeful. Just when you have your health and everything is going great, this happens and sets us all back. I have to step it up and get more customers to be the sole money maker till he is able to work again. We just have no idea of when this will be. We've heard up to three years. He is not one to sit around but rest is exactly what he needs. We've had an amazing bunch of friends and family all there to offer sympathy and encouraging words. 

We've over come being laid off, we will get through this set back too. It just might look a little different and we might have to make some big decisions. Regardless if we have to down size our life, the most important thing is Steve getting better and being able to see again. Material positions are not important as they come and go. I have faith that we will be fine no matter what. 

Fall formal dance

Logan's first Fall Formal, all dressed up and looking good!

 Logan and his date Maggie. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Volunteer Time!!

I volunteered with Logan on Saturday morning. He has school class volunteer hours to do each semester. Figured why not sign up to do something fun. Fun we did have!!
We signed up to judge the 10 mile/half marathon costume contest. So many great costumes. 
I'm not sure how these three dinosaurs ran in their costumes. 
I should have take a photo of the guy in the "up" costume. He was in a scouts uniform with  shorts and attached a bunch of balloons. Our #1 pick!! 
Just us freezing outside. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

What do you know.. it's Friday!!!

I don't think I posted picture from Celina's band concert on Tuesday night. Three more concerts to go and then she is done with band forever. 

My memory is failing because I don't recall if I ever posted my Quiche? 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My diet progress

I've been doing good dieting. I haven't been very hungry in the mornings. It takes me to lunch to finish my one slice of wheat bread with peanut butter. Makes lunch decisions easy, since I can just finish my breakfast. I do need to stock up on soup or make some. I really should try making my own soup. I just won't know the calories but I'm sure it will be a lot healthier for me and cheaper to make then buy all those soup cans. 
I started my diet on Saturday and now I'm on day #4. Back to doing daily planks. I haven't been the best at doing those every day like I use to. I probably do planks three times a week some times a bit more but never seven days in a row or longer. I need to do that because they are feeling a lot harder then they use to. 

I do have a good excuse for skipping my planks. I was trying to get my left side of my back to stop hurting. I must have pulled a muscle or something because that side of my back always aches. I've been to the chiropractor, had acupuncture, foam rolled and do daily yoga. I'm trying to stop taking Advil for aches and pains since it's hard on your liver. Day 4 of that too. 

When every I'm on a diet, I like to bake and make dinner, I usually don't like to make dinner and I'm trying to not bake so I don't eat the stuff but its tempting to make a bunch of pumpkin stuff. 
I made Quiche with ham for tonight's dinner. I just felt like having eggs and haven't made this in a long time. We usually can't make it with ham for all the non-meat eaters. It's my favorite combo. 
I'll have to post the photo later since it won't load on my laptop right at this moment. 

Even thought it felt chilly with the wind blowing like crazy, temps in the low 40's but felt like 30's. I still went for a run at the local park on the trails. I just want to soak up the fall colors as much as I can before all the leaves are gone. I should have stopped to take some photos of the park but I just wanted to keep running. I did a quick loop for 2 miles because I thought I'd go biking in the afternoon but that wind changed my mind. 

I'm trying to clean our our basement and make a little money too. I've posted some kids stuff for sale. I need to fill up the car and make a trip to Goodwill for everything I think won't sell. We have a lot of that! 

It's that time, Celina's a senior and she started applying to colleges around the state. She actually only wants to go to one school. I'm sure she will get in because her grades are super. She didn't get as high of a score on the ACT as she wanted so that's her only concern. Otherwise, she is well rounded, with band, academics, and athletics. She is also has been taking numerous honor classes and advanced math. Lets keep our fingers crossed it all works out and she gets into the college of choice. 

It's been a week now since we left for Austin Texas. I miss being on vacation. I already started to plan winter, a ski vacation to Duluth. Not sure what else we can do with all the winter birthdays and holidays. We'll have to wait for spring to go back up north and camp. Now that we can camp in colder temperatures, we might just go up there a lot earlier. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Out for a Fall Run

I have been skipping running for biking all summer long.  Every once in a while I go out for a run. Lately, I've been doing it more and more. I'm easing my way back into running 2 miles the last few days and today only 1.5 miles. I usually get in a bike ride to when I do my low running miles. I sure do like fall bike rides! 
It's not too windy right now but it's suppose to get more windy as the day goes on. I need to get out for my bike ride before the wind hits along with colder temperatures. Once it snows, I'm done biking till spring. 
I started dieting again a few days ago. I need to work on eating healthy and a lot less. I packed on some vacation/summer pounds and they need to go away! Back to the healthy track and feeling better!
It helps to look at the beautiful fall colors when I'm stressed out. I do think we create things to be stressed, when there is really nothing to be stressed about. Maybe its a way to tell ourselves, time to mix things up and look at other options or get off our butts and do something about the situation to stop stressing about it. I'm there, time to stop stressing about my weight by taking action. Time to stop stressing about working more and get out and advertise. What I'm most stressed about is our home projects. We scheduled the roof to be done this past weekend and it rained on Saturday. Now I have to start over on getting the roof all lined up and we are expecting some snow on Friday. Which means, we will probably have to wait till spring and I have paid for a dumpster and had it delivered. An extra expense for nothing! 

Sunday, October 22, 2017


We've been having a really colorful fall. The leaves are beautiful. Wishing it would last a lot longer. We are well past peek colors and now we are on to the leaves all over the ground.

 The kids were off school Thursday and Friday this past week. They both came for a bike ride on Friday. We rode up to Starbucks and then back home around 14 miles total on a very windy day! 

I went running this morning at Lebanon Park to do the trails around the lake. I just went one time around for 2 miles. My plan was to bike after it warmed up to 63 and the sun came out with a lot less wind. 

Steve and I went out Saturday night to a new brew place in Eagan. You pour your own beer or cider. They also had pretty good food. We tried the pork tacos and bourbon spiced wings. 
Since I don't drink beer and they have good food, I'd say we will be back to this new place. 
 On Wednesday, I went biking by myself to Fort Snelling and through Minnehaha park. I always have to stop at the waterfall. The water was gushing! 

 This is one of my favorite fall bike rides next to the river. The colors were super pretty. 
 This was about a 15 mile easy ride, since most of it is flat. I did have a huge hill to climb at Ft Snelling on the way back. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017