Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Friday, April 20, 2018

Roll it and Finally!!

I was watching Spring Bake off on TV and they made rolled cakes. I've never had much luck making a perfect rolled cake. They always crack. the trick is to use Angle food cake or make a chiffon Cake, with a little sponge spring to prevent cracking. I think the angle food / sponge cake is probably a little too spongy. I think next time I'll make a chiffon cake. I wanted to try their technique of piping a design into the cake. It worked!! First you put down parchment paper on your pan, then color some of the batter with food coloring. I used a decorating bag and just a round narrow tip. I piped out flowers and vine leaves. Rolled it up and let the cake cool off. I looked up how to stabilize whipping cream. Add a little gelatin. Since I had strawberry flavored, I used a little of that in the whipping cream. I chopped up the strawberries and also added some on top. I cut off the ends for a clean look. It turned out exactly how I was expecting!
We will be eating this tonight with Beef tenderloin. The kids offered to make us dinner tonight. Can't pass that up!

The baking TV show also made some cookies using corn starch that melted in your mouth. I upped the sugar since I though it was a little on the non-sweet side. Topped them with some melted white chocolate and dusted them with powdered sugar. They were just okay. Maybe I'll re-make using orange juice and orange zest.
I'm still on my diet. Eating around 1200 - 1500 calories per day. The weight loss is slow. I'm eating most of my calories 1000 at dinner. We've been hitting up going out, so I have an apple orchard which is around 200 calories. We had some thin crust pizza with just a tiny bit of cheese. I've also indulged in popcorn and some fried chicken wings. I don't eat the skin but do like some of the fried crunches. My weight loss progress I can tell is slow. I'm getting there. I'm just not where I was hoping to be at this point. No worries. Plenty of time before June to lose another 10 pounds.
We got some great news this week. Steve is ready for a full cornea transplant in his right eye. It will be scheduled the middle of May and then he should be able to see again in that eye. His accident was back on November 2nd and he hasn't been able to see clear in that eye ever since. We had three options for surgery. We picked the most aggressive. The main goal is to be able to see again and sooner then later. He will always wear a color contact lens due to the color loss from the iris.  He might also get a lens prescription to see more clearly if needed. We could have opted for a 50% chance of the cornea relaxing with an incision to loosen it up, but then he would have to wait another month to have a lens put in which means two surgeries instead of just one. Or the other option was to get the full cornea and then again wait for the lens at a later surgery to get the most clear sight. It's not a big deal to get laser surgery on that eye or a prescription for contacts or wear glasses. He is fine with the lens how ever it turns out. I'm sooo happy he will get his vision back. Right now it's like he is looking through a thick fog. His eyes fight each other to see and it's making life not so fun for Steve.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

What to do on a Sunday when Plans change??

I started off wanting to go cross country skiing this morning. The kids both decided to go with. We all didn't plan very well for the cold temps. I should have dressed warmer! Logan couldn't get his ski boot in the ski's and we gave up! Then my work schedule was changed once again for the day. That's okay because I really didn't want to work all morning! 
I feel extra hungry this morning so I ate my lunch at 10 am and then had my snack too all by 10:30am. 

I think we got at least 16" of snow yesterday and they said another 2 to 5" today. Where are you spring?? I'm ready for green!! Not white!

I think Zoey is confused at this weather too. She loves it. But I sure don't!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Weekend Splurges!

I'm all about a little splurge on the weekends. We went out Friday night and met up with neighbors at Union 32. One of my favorites now. They have 32 beers but the nice thing is that they also carry ciders or some type of non-beer drinks with fruit flavors. Something I can drink! I had my 1oz tastes of a few different drinks, and then settled on one full glass of Loon Juice Strawberry. It was good enough to eat with my three small pork tacos. I splurged on some popcorn too. In all I ate most my calories for the day all at Union 32 but well worth the splurge. I was still at 1500 calories for the day. Not exactly 800 or less but still in the lose, not gain numbers.
Current photo of my weight loss progress for the day. I'm losing belly fat!! Feeling better but not enough weight loss at this point (after 1 month) for my liking. I'm thinking the next 10 pounds I'll start to really notice my weight loss. No giving up now. Plus, we've been invited to Brainerd at our neighbors cabin in June. I have a weight loss goal date to get to and I have to keep going!!
April fools joke on us again. So much for Spring!!! We might get foot of snow. I'm just not liking this spring weather!

I don't think Zoey minds the snow. She was happy to run around in the back yard and eat snow!