Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Friday, September 30, 2016

OMG 4 weeks!

Its not a good 4 week kind of accomplishment. It's a I'm still sick and now it's going on 4 weeks of this same symptoms, cough, aches and pains, and a sore throat. Plus, now Steve is sick. Wonderful. If I can't get well with a spleen, how is he going to kick this without it?
Guess, being sick this long adds to the chances are it's going to spread. So sorry!!
Last night while I was waiting to pick up Logan from soccer, I watched this guy set up an engagement with balloons, picnic blanket, and  wine glasses. You could tell he was pretty nervous as he kept pacing then going back to his truck etc.. I never did get to see the actual proposal. Logan forgot his sweatshirt at the soccer field so we came back later and the couple with family were just leaving the park. Logan and I both thought, the guy should have dressed up more, and picked a better location, like Lebanon Park by the lake. He had a lot of parents drive up to pick up there soccer players that were running by him. He probably didn't anticipate that when picking the location to meet his girl friend.
I was in the car pretty much all day other then working for a while and then shopping. I checked out he new Home Goods store. It was fabulous. I found a few items to pick up and took a few photos of furniture painted ideas I could do with my stuff. I could probably just paint our furniture to give it a new look. This was flat gray paint and it looked good!

Ceiling fans for Logan's room. He is picky, I wanted to show him some options of fans. I had time to burn since I was waiting for our front door paint to be mixed.

I doubt he will like any of them. I am hoping to go for cheaper then more expensive. Let's keep it around $50 not $150!

I wanted to find a vanity that had a black countertop and was white. I am thinking of painting the half bathroom cabinet white, after I paint the walls. Now that I know it will look good, might as well just do it!

My new gray curtains with the light blocking red ones behind them. It's a dark photo but you get the idea. Loving the simple color changes to the house and I can't wait to make more.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Plans changed.

We had plans to go up north this weekend to soak in the fall colors and fresh air. Our plans quickly changed when Logan got invited to play in a soccer tournament this weekend. He will have two games Saturday and at least one if not two Sunday. That's a lot of soccer but he's happy about playing in a game. Long story this year age groups changed and he was too old to play with half his old team and too young to play on the H.S. team. Caught in the dreaded middle!  We couldn't pass this opportunity for him to play so we are home this weekend. Such is life!

I wish I could say that I'm getting better. I'm still sick with little to no improvement. Although the pills do help with the symptoms, I struggled last night. I was feeling awful all night long and could not sleep. A super rough night!
I was paging through a Pie cook book at the check out lane when I came across this recipe of my favorite pies all in one, Sweet potato and pecan pie. I might have to make this one for Thanksgiving!
The master bed room re-decorating continues. I got Steve to hang up the new drapes and purchased a smaller curtain rod for the old drapes to hang behind the new ones. The new gray drapes are pretty see through and we like the light blocked out 100%. It worked great and it looks Good. I'll have to take a photo when we get the walls painted a new color, other then green. I'm thinking a blue-gray? I've never had a blue room, it's always been pink and green or just green.
Since we went to Walmart to pick up new car wiper blades for Celina's car, I thought it would be a good time to pick out new paint for our front door. Only problem is that Walmart, didn't have the base exterior paint in quart size. Nice, so no paint for me! I'll just go to Menards for my paint! I was so ready to paint and then to not be able to get any was a HUGE bummer!
I need to paint the front door before we can put on the new door handle. We just went with a similar style and color as the existing one. The dog's chain out front pulled the old one out and wrecked it. We fixed that issue by putting in a ground post next to the house so this doesn't happen again.  It's always fun to update the house, but a money pit to as it can be never ending! I'm just doing a little at a time but it seems every room needs something. Mostly just fresh paint and maybe to change out some of the junk we have on shelves and some photos.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What do you know?

Two tiny red pills sure did make me feel a whole lot better with way more energy. I feel some what better. I'm still sick but with the added Sudafed in my system it is getting a lot better. I don't feel all drained and achy all over. Those darn meth makers sure did wreck things for us. I always forget about the behind the pharmacy counter drugs. I was waiting for yet another prescription of antibiotics to be filled when I notice the box up high on the shelf. Its a game changer when your trying to get well and now that I'm on week 3 of being sick, its so, so old.
I feel like biking again, that was until I stepped outside in the feels like 45*F temps. I will just wait till it warms up to 60 this afternoon.  I am still sick and I don't need to push it with being cold during my ride.
Steve and I finally tried the HyVee restaurant. The menu was great, lots of good food choices. I was starving so I got the appetizer platter. My eyes were definitely larger then my stomach! For some reason, the Sudafed makes me lose my appetite and fills me up fast. I ate a few bites of all and then took the rest home. Steve usually never orders Chinese food but he did and really liked his meal. Happy hour prices are pretty good too from $2 to $3 for a drink from 2 to 4pm.

We thought the new Marshalls, Home Goods store had already opened but come to find out, not till Thursday! Two days to go!

Since we couldn't go to the new store, we went to the old TJ Maxx down the street. I wasn't looking for anything but found a nice new king size bed spread in gray and white, plus found new gray curtains. Now to paint the walls and do some picture updates in our room. Little by little I'm changing over the colors in our house with the new Grays that are in style right now. I'll still add in some color with accessories. Gray after all is a cold, color. We plan to do more painting in the front room where I do my daily exercises. I'm changing over that room to gray too. I got the go ahead to get a new carpet for that room. Changing out the browns to grays too.
Tuesday afternoon I watched Celina's last JV doubles tennis match.
It was a chilly, long match. They were winning  then tied and went into a super tie breaker which they lost.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A little trip

I broke down Monday and took a little trip to Urgent care. I wish it was a vacation trip but nope. I was off to find out if I have pneumonia. I had the chest x-ray which turned out to be nothing. Thank goodness! I'm still not well with my coughing up my lungs. This has been the longest virus EVER! The nurse and doctor kind of freaked out over my heart rate. It was 33. I don't think I've ever seen it that low. They were concerned I might faint. I said I was just feeling tired. A runner and biker, Yes!
I had to go to the store to pick up a few items we were out of, Windex. I found some cute, cheap Halloween doggie outfits for Zoey. Just a simple cowboy hat and a cape. She was a good sport and wore the hat for 3 minutes till she shook it off.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Going on week 3

This is not a good way to start week 3 with still being sick/coughing. Am I getting better or just the same? This I do not know. At times I think I'm getting better then I start coughing like crazy and my body hurts all over then I think maybe not. I'm also now sharing my cold/sickness with the family. ugh! So sorry, I tried to keep it to myself.
I couldn't spend my entire 3 weeks not biking or doing something for exercise. I did as much as I felt I could handle. After biking both Saturday and Sunday I took 3 hour naps each day and slept in Monday. This working out while your sick really drains me. I just rode 10 easy miles by myself each day since I would bike, cough, bike some more and cough.. Best to be alone in my misery.
Because I think I'm getting better, Steve and I went to dinner by the river Friday night. I had a glass of wine with some really good wings. That outing pretty much wiped me out and I was ready to come home and go to bed super early Friday night.
 Saturday, we went to the apple orchard. We didn't pick any apples just bought some since the hard frost in May took out the Upick selection of apples. I was okay with not picking any. We did just go around and take some cute fall photos. Might have to go to another apple orchard for more cute photos and to actually pick apples.

Sunday Night we rushed out to see the falls. We've gotten so much rain, towns are flooding down south and this tiny river that goes over Minnehaha falls was gushing.

It was pretty chilly after the sun went down and I wasn't dressed to be outside for very long. We rushed to see it, took a few photos and ran out of there. That's the only running I've been doing lately. I am almost to the point where I think I might be ready to run trails again. With the fall leaves turning colors it's the best time to be in the woods running. I don't want to miss out on the colors!
I was looking through Ads last night and came across this little gem, Angry Mama. It's a microwave cleaner. I am guessing steam comes out of her head. This would be a funny gag gift.
We got some donuts from Mojo monkey Sunday morning. They are far too sweet. Good but super sweet. It's not what I needed to eat. We just shared them all pretty much.
Saturday night we were going to Mears Park for all the food trucks and music. Since we weren't hungry, we opted to go have wine in Cannon Falls and shared a bottle of GoGo Red. Well, I had 1-1/2 glasses and Steve finished it.

I forgot, we went to a late lunch in Hudson after the apple orchard on Saturday afternoon. I wasn't very hungry after eating a large apple so I just got the soup. Nothing is better then soup when your not feeling well.
Celina has another JV tennis match this afternoon. I'll go watch the last two matches of the season and then she is done with tennis till next year. I should try to convince her to keep playing all year. Might have to look into a few matches here and there.
It's off to work for a few hours today. Thankfully, my work week is pretty easy this week. I need this to get well. Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My energy is Zapped!

I had just enough energy for my four hour work day, but after working, I just crash and need a nap ASAP! Being sick really has zapped all my energy. I'm just going to try to focus on some positives. Like I can tell my cough is getting better. My throat still has this lump of junk in it. Nice, right?

I made more of those coconut sugar cookies this morning for my customers. They get a half dozen each. I need to make up tags with my business info on it. I use to attach my business cards and now those are running  very low.

A Zoey pix..
I've got to nap..

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A little more normal

I'm feeling a bit more NORMAL, but still coughing and I have that smoker voice. Lovely! I am happy that I am finally feeling a bit better and more normal. I still need to take it a bit easy till I'm 100%. It's just been slow going.

I was up at 4am and didn't want to wake Steve coughing so I got up and went down stairs to cough up my lung. I'm super sore from coughing and just being sick. Stretching with my yoga didn't even help with the hour plus I spent trying to move and work it out this morning. I have one more day of no Advil before I can have some for my aches and pains.

I still haven't fixed my laptops Internet connection issue. It requires me to either be on the phone for hours or bring it some where to get it fixed. I'm still using Steve's and I'm on the guest log in which requires a parents permission to post photos on my blog. Darn parent permission! We can't seem to figure out how to get me full access.

Celina had a JV tennis match against Farmington HS Tuesday afternoon. She played singles and won, then played doubles and won that too. A great day for tennis but not for the biting bugs! Those tiny no-see-ums are out in full force and ready to bite.

Another busy work day, I'm going to try biking a few miles if the rain holds off. Just going to take it easy and not push the pace.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Random just random.

I'm sure you want to know the update on my healthy... yes, still coughing. I think this is around day 11 of being sick? It feels like Forever and I'm so ready to be not coughing up my lungs anymore!
I'm skipping my morning bike ride because I have a super busy work day. Every day this week is a busy work day which is good because I have bills to pay! That's life when your self employed. You just can't pass up on working.
I made some brownies this morning. I had to taste test them. Pretty darn good. My family was happy that I made these from scratch. They hate the boxed brownies! I'll take any brownie! I made sure to not cough and wash my hands a billion times to not pass on any of my sick germs.
Zoey was in full hunting position by the window when I interrupted her concentration. You can tell she is saying " Really?"
 I found all these tiny white beads all over our front rug this morning. Zoey was busy ripping apart another stuffed animal. I think she needs a new bone to chew. Good thing I remembered to pick up on at Target last night. 
Well, its off to work and then to Celina's tennis match and Logan's soccer practice. I'll get to rest tonight while watching Bravo's On Deck. Love that show!