Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Good Bye September..

It's the last day of the Month, September. Sad to say, the month went by far too fast. All good things must come to an end, lucky for us, we are still having good weather. A bit cooler this morning in the 40's. Steve saw frost on top of some of the houses without trees in the front yard. It will be sunny and warm up to the low 60's on this last day of September. Can't complain about being in the 60's this late in September. 
My running has been extremely tough going. I keep expecting to have a easy feeling run and it's just not happening as the days go by. Even after that first mile I'm still struggling to keep going. I know its all in my head and part of my body. My calves are not liking my running.. I'll keep going. this too shall pass, Right? 
What isn't ending is the need for my afternoon hour long nap. I can't break the cycle. I just need that nap to recover from running and working. Unfortunately, I'm wasting the best part of the day, sleeping it away. I keep telling myself, that I must need the rest more then a bike ride.. or to get anything productive done around the house. 
I refused to look at my Garmin while on my morning run yesterday. Slower 10 minute miles but not bad for feeling like I couldn't run.. I wanted to quit so many times.. I just kept going around till I finished 4 loops in the neighborhood. It really has saved me or maybe hurt me by sticking close to home so I can take a short rest/drink water stop. I use to run 4 miles last summer and think, wow.. that was fast. I get to run it in reverse again.. 8 miles were no big deal. Now 6 miles seem more of a big deal just to finish. Come winter when I'm stuck inside running.. I'll be wishing I could run a few miles outside. I just need to remember that right now and enjoy the miles.. 
It's that time.. Time to head out the door.. and run my buns off. Because they certainly won't get smaller if I keep sitting on them. This is my Wednesday Motivation.. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Feeling Empty...

I've been feeling like I'm running on empty. I can't seem to shake it. Nothing makes me feel excited.. I just feel blah.. I want to snap out of it. I try and think of goals, but I have zero energy or motivation to accomplish much. I do try and focus on just completing my todo list each day. Todo lists are not what makes me love life.. they just get me to do something with my time. 
This has to pass right? I just need to figure out what makes me get excited about living life..I'm hoping running can get me through this.. which is exactly what I need to do right now.. Out the door I go.. even if I have to drag my feet doing it.. 

Before I go run, just an update on Logan's knee. Its just fluid and he should be okay in a weeks time with rest. We hope the swelling will go down and he will have full use of his knee by Saturday's soccer game. If not..more rest until he feels good as new. 
I need to make plans with myself to go on this bike route again today, through Minnehaha park. Maybe this is exactly what I need today to wake me up and stop me from feeling all like I'm running on Empty.. or a dog.. yep.. still thinking about it.. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

One little dark mile

 I just ran one little dark mile around our loop 3x's. My calves were KILLING me.. Must be from my biking and tennis over the weekend. I didn't take any Advil either which I'm sure added to the pain. My legs just didn't want to go any more miles.. 
I'll just spend a lot more time stretching today to make my calves feel better. I was kind of disappointed for not running my full 6 miles. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.. so warm I was out in a tank top with out any chill in the air. Such great running weather. 
There might not be any more soccer for Logan this fall. We will find out more today after a trip to the doctor to get his knee injury assessed. He still can not put any weight on this leg and the knee is really swollen. 
Celina has a week left of H.S. tennis. Not sure the weather will hold out as their is rain in the forecast. It will be our last week of sports for awhile. This might be a good thing, we will be able to get out of town for a fall mini trip, I can run/bike and not have to worry about fitting in soccer or tennis for the kids. 
It's my Monday with Evan.. Every week it seems someone is home with me to help out.. Steve, Celina and Logan are taking turns.. must be something about a Monday.. trying to extend their weekend?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A lone ride...

The moral to the story on this Beautiful fall rare 80*F Sunday, don't wait for someone to go with you... I went on a lone ride. It's been ages since I last rode my bike on this river path, by Minnehaha falls. I needed some beautiful fall scenery and a bike ride was just what I needed. 

I only stopped a few times to take some photos. I just wanted to keep going and get in a good cardio workout. 
It was a busy Sunday but not as crazy busy as I was expecting. Sometimes the paths are so overly crowded with bikers, joggers and walkers, but not today. I only had to pass a few people on the bike path. 
I think all the people stayed right next to the falls... and didn't venture very far from the main park. 
I didn't spend much time in the park, just stopped quick for this photo and rode on.. down the path for 7.3 miles, then turned around at the road/path closed sign and headed back to the car another 7.3 miles which takes me back through Ft. Snelling Park. 
The park has one major hill to climb. I almost didn't make it up, then I remembered that I did it before, I can do it again so I pushed on to the top of the hill and then up one more smaller hill.. MADE IT! 
Happy to be done with my bike ride.. through this beautiful park. I'm going to have to bike it again once the leaves start turning colors. Its my favorite place to go for a fall ride. 
Celina wanted to try this new restaurant, Black coffee & Waffle bar this morning. 
 The coffee and hot chocolate were pretty impressive. I'm pretty sure we can do this at home too with a little cream and a tooth pick. Might have to try it sooner then later as I'm dying to attempt to duplicate the heart designs. 
They had cute names for the waffles, Apple Strudel
 Naughty Waffle and Fat Andrew plus there was also the One bad pig, strawberry cheesecake and S'more. 
 I think we all agreed we could make better waffles. Which made us want to go home and make our own. I'm guessing some weekend, we will have our own waffle bar. 
It was also a very small place. Not a lot of seating and lots of people. Mostly everyone waiting to eat. The waffles took and extremely long time, 30+ minutes. I think I saw only two waffle makers which is probably the reason its such a slow process. This place could do so much better if tweaked bit. It was definitely a one time stop.. never again! 
What I do want again is Celina's apple tart. Turned out really good. 100% better then the one I cooked. She pre-cooked the crust and that is KEY to making a good tart. Lesson Learned! 
I did get in my Saturday afternoon exercise. Celina and I played some tennis. We started a game then decided to just hit the ball back and forth and practice serving. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Saturday...

Early morning miles... .just a quick three. then off to Tennis with Celina. 

Celina won both singles matches 2 to 0.. Nice!!!
No time to waste.. off to Logan's soccer game. Logan tripped with another kid from the other team.. down they both went and Logan didn't get up. His knee is pretty sore and now can't walk on it. We think its just a bad sprain. It probably means he is done playing soccer for the rest of the season. Ugh!!!

 I'm feeling tired as usual around 1:30- 2pm. This napping has got to stop. I get nothing much done in the afternoons.. 
I did a little more glitter work on my wreath.. It's coming along. 

Getting all Crafty

I think its possible to make a craft out of black spray paint, a branch ring, black glitter, some duck tape and pipe cleaners. I just had to scavenge for branches in our yard. 
Cost so far.. $16.00, I probably could have just purchased an already made Halloween wreath for the front door with the amount of craft supplies I had to purchase. Who said crafting would be cheaper? Certainly not quick, but fun and I enjoy the challenge of making something. 
Black spray paint 1.00 
Pipe cleaners $1.00
Duck Tape $4.00
Black Glitter $4,00
Wreath $4.00
Spider $2.00

I'm still not done with my project but more then half way. I need to add more glitter and some decorations then it will be finished. I'll have an original wreath to put up for October on my front door. 

I've got a quick workout planned. Too many morning sports for my kids. A tennis match and soccer game are messing with my workout this morning. I'll figure out something.. Like get out and run quick! 
To be continued.... 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hurry.. I have limited time.

That's right, I had limited time to workout this morning since I had a very important appointment. A facial and makeup application at the local beauty school in Lakeville. I had my priorities straight. I wanted to get in a work out before my appointment so I had to make it quick!
I've been wanting to bike for a while now and never seem to get out the door. Not the case this morning. I was ready to bike! We are having warm, humid fall weather and I love it. Perfect to bike ride and not freeze. I did wear arm warmers but really didn't need them after a mile into our ride. Steve and I did a quick 8 mile loop that took 34 minutes. Out and around quick to get home so I could cool down, change and get to my facial appointment by 9:30am. I did it. Got there right on time and enjoyed every second of my treatment. 
I love fall candy.. Candy corn and peanut combo.. So delicious. Plus, I added peanut butter M&M's into the mix. Now to not eat the entire jar. 
My pulled pork dinner turned out just okay. It was pretty salty. I guess using a mix isn't the way to go. Next time I'll just make my own pulled pork BBQ sauce. The first time ever cooking Brussels sprouts with bacon. My kids informed me that I should have added salt to season the veggies. Who knew?? Not me who doesn't cook much of anything. I'm great at the frozen stuff you just microwave. I did make honey corn bread from scratch with honey butter. Turned out good and sweet, just the way I like it. We also used paper plates because I hate having to load the dishwasher. I had enough clean up, no need to add plates too. 

 I have a craft project planned for the rest of my day before I head out to watch Celina play JV tennis tonight. It's for Halloween so I'm super excited to see how it turns out. I'll post a photo tomorrow. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Is this my life.. Wednesday?

I did something a bit out of the norm for me... I made dinner last night. Well, not exactly.. I didn't start making dinner in the crock pot until 1pm which was one of my mistakes, not starting sooner. Dinner wasn't ready on time, but at least I tried, right? 
Next time I decided to make dinner, I'll start in the morning. We will be having dinner tonight. Warmed up pulled pork and I'll be making honey corn bread with bacon Brussels sprouts. Sounds good to me! 
Did you have a favorite sugar cereal as a kid? Mine was tricks. I no longer like Tricks. I think they changed the recipe some where along the way and they just don't taste the same. OR maybe my taste buds grew up.. Nope.. now my favorite is Frosted Flakes, not for breakfast, but a tasty snack anytime. I should be reaching for fruit or something far more healthy, but I didn't yesterday. I sat outside eating my cereal, enjoying the afternoon till it started raining.

Today is my Friday.. I have the day off tomorrow and I plan to enjoy it. Starting with a facial and doing some much needed purging around the house. 

I still have to work today, but not for long. I can get a head start on my house purge today and maybe if its nice enough,... not raining, I can go for a bike ride. I know I've been saying that.. and I have good intentions of getting in some afternoon exercise so I have to stop just saying I'm going to do something and just do it. Just like running.. I just need to get my  bike out, pedal around and then before you know it.. I'll have been biking 10 or more miles. It's that easy.. or should be. 

Happy Thursday..

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The need to change it up.

Every once in awhile I feel the need to change up my life. I've tried plenty of new activities, like soccer and now tennis. I'm not sure that's enough.. I still want more..If only I had endless money and time to fund all I want to do and try. I just need to prioritize what my goals might be. The trouble is.. I'm all over the place. One minute, I want to take more classes, the next I am looking into signing up for a Groupon for a month of yoga. Still thinking of leaving Fitness 19 for the YMCA but I can't beat the membership fees of Fitness 19. 
There are also races I see advertised that I want to run but the entry fee stops me. I want to do a triathlon but I keep chickening out of just signing up for a race. I do know I am ready for a change up.. Maybe with the weather getting colder and snow soon, I'll be busy doing a lot more skiing.  

Getting back  to my running today.. I slept in.. not by much but longer then I should have. I cut down my yoga time and my run. I decided 30 minute of running was enough since I had to leave for work at 8am. I needed at least 30 minutes of cool down before heading out the door. It's so nice, I should bike. Instead, I'm off to the store. I'm going to be cooking dinner tonight in the slow cooker. Pulled pork and corn bread. Maybe even bacon maple Brussels sprouts. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A little cool down...

Running on sore calves.. wow.. not feeling great out there running today. 
I stretched out my legs/ calves before running like I do every day but they were still sore from tennis. I had a tough run ahead but because I took a rest day for my running, I had to get in 6 miles. I sure wanted to quit.. 
The first two miles were at the park on the trails. I came across many signs.. trail closed for utility work. When you hear chain saws up-head on the trail, it's time to go somewhere else to finish up my run.
At least I got in two miles and took some signs of fall photos. I hate that the leaves are already turning colors. I wanted summer green to last a bit longer. 

As you can tell by the blurry photos, I don't like stopping when I'm running.. It was really pretty out this morning. After noticing I couldn't continue running at the park, I took my run back home to our neighborhood route. 
It took a lot of my will power to keep moving, to finish up my 6 miles. I wanted to stop at 4 miles but I didn't want to disappoint myself. What do you know.. I made it three times around our neighborhood.. 

Not awful mile times either.. Mile one is always tough
I'm on the after-run cool down.. and no time to sit around. Believe it or not, while I was dying running the last loop around our neighborhood, I actually wanted to go biking. It doesn't sound that good right now that I'm on the cool down.. a nap is more like it. 

It's time to do it all over again...

Yes, it's that time to do everything all over again. Everything meaning.. daily exercises (Planks 7 min, bridge 2 min hold, twists 20lb -20x's and triceps- body weight/dips) and running 6 trail miles. I'm not one of the people who believes you must make exercise more difficult every time you work out to keep your body guessing. Yeah.. it takes a lot of my effort to keep working out and doing the same stuff, imagine how I'd feel if I made it harder each day then it already is.. I think, like most people I would have quit long ago. My body is aging.. that's the keeping it guessing part. Plus, I do like variety and do my own cross training. 
My idea of cross training on Monday was to play tennis with Celina. It forces me to react quick, twist, turn in directions I'm just not use to doing. Results is that I'm sore. I felt my calves tighten up during tennis and my core/abs are sore, still on my left side. I'm guessing its a pulled muscle since its been an issue for over a week with a trip to the chiro and another one today. 
I'm enjoying the new game of tennis. It's a lot more fun playing when you know the rules to the game. We played one match to 8 points. Score me 2, Celina 8. I'm a beginner and have a lot to work on but it's fun and challenging. I'll stick with this new sport. Plus, I enjoy spending the time with Celina on an activity we can do together. I'm very competitive so of course I eventually want to be some good competition for her to play against. 
We had a really nice fall day.. what better way to spend it then to do some fall raspberry picking. There wasn't a lot of berries left from over the weekend but we managed to pick enough to fill one basket. We ate our way through the picking and I'm sure that's why we didn't have much to show for our efforts. Fruit always tastes better eating it right after you pick it. 
Evan learned fast how to find and pick only the red berries. 
I have so much to do on my Tuesday. I scheduled a non-working day because we were suppose to be on a mini vacation to Grand Marais with friends. That didn't' work out with Steve's schedule or his parents so we are home.. and I have the day off. 

Having today off gives me time I need to do some of our home projects. Before I even think about getting anything done around our house, I am going fro a run and a bike ride, I do have my priorities  in the right order.  
Question of the day... Why is it that flies disappear the second you hold a fly swatter? Otherwise they keep landing on your face..  The flies in the fall and all the bees.. they just take over!