Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Break

We are doing a stay -vacation. We had one really nice 60*F day on Tuesday where we drove down to Mankato to tour the college.

Both girls really liked the school. We've now toured three schools and this is our favorite.

We had a long 90 minute tour of the entire campus. After we stopped at Hy-vee in town for snacks on our ride home.

I had Thursday off from work. That's what happens when it's spring break and everyone is gone out of town. It was just me and Logan today. I suggested going to check out a bakery that was highly suggested on the best of donuts list. The bakery was located in down town Minneapolis. We had to pay to park $6, and bought not only donuts, but cupcakes, a pretzel and a oatmeal cookie. A little of everything they had we wanted to try. I spent $21 on all. Since there was no place to really sit and eat, we decided to have lunch at Hell's Kitchen, which was right next to the bakery.

We shared the cheese curds, which turned out just as good or better then the state fairs. We also shared some dry rubbed wings that were salty but still good. We skipped the buffalo sauce for the wings since that tasted awful! I'm not sure how they wrecked buffalo sauce but they did! It was thick, lumpy and had a weird tangy taste. Looked like vomit and tasted kind of like that too. I didn't even want to look at the stuff. Of course I forgot to take a photo of the food!

After our lunch, we split all the stuff we purchased at Angle Food Bakery. We started off with the cupcakes. They had a lot and I mean a lot of very sweet frosting compared to cake. The best one was the chocolate with chocolate chips. It had some raspberry filling. The other two..bad. Dry white cake and taste less chocolate with marshmallow topping. 

I didn't get a picture of the donuts we purchased but we loved the pretzel but wished it was warm like Aunt Annie's. In fact, it tasted a lot like that pretzel, minus the butter and warmth. We needed the pretzel to clean our pallet from the sweetness over load. Donuts, kind of under baked, super duper sweet, didn't like the jelly filling as it was tart. Very disappointing donuts! The cookie was okay, just a bit under baked and thick for a oatmeal cookie. I can make better stuff on my worst baking day.

On the way out of Hell's Kitchen we snapped a pix.

I ran the hood instead of going to the park this morning. I wanted my run to be over quickly. Just three miles at an easy pace in thirty minutes. I have been running four miles at the park the last few days. It was nice to drop back down to three  but I felt a bit guilty for not running the extra mile. I need to get back to an easy six miles. It's just every time I run, I just want it to be done instead of enjoying my time ,I'm thinking of a million other things I could be doing.

Monday, March 27, 2017

I've been a little MIA

I haven't been the best at keeping up with my daily blogging. Here's the run down of what I've been up to.

Running has felt a lot better now that the temps are at least in the 30's. I was out running in just a tank top after the first mile. I always start out with at least a jacket or shirt over my tank, head band and mittens. I always end up taking off my mittens and headband around mile 1. Doesn't seem to matter what the temperature is, unless it's crazy windy and that will keep me chilled for my run.

Still running outdoors, three miles most days. I did take a 100% rest day on Sunday. I find that I have more energy to do home projects and cleaning our house when I don't run or do my daily exercises. I had to get something done around the house!

While Logan was making raspberry filled macaroons, I purchased a new rug for our entry. I got a great deal at Target, 20% off the rug with the sale price and another 20% off from cart wheel. Made the impulse buy worth it!

I still have not re-painted our red pillars. I'm going to paint them gray. I'm over the reds. Just want everything fresh and lighter.

Purchased $13 dollar new seat cushions at Target and got rid of our mismatched ones that were too large and falling apart. I just need to wait for warm weather when I can paint the chairs a dark gray or white. I'm still undecided about the color?

Still trying to eat healthy. I made quac, peppers, onions and some mixed rice with salsa.

Friday, March 24, 2017

I made it past day 1

I made it past day one of my low calorie diet and stayed at 1400 calories. It wasn't all that difficult yesterday. I did struggle to want to eat at night. I had to make pizza for Logan and I wanted to eat the slices up that he didn't finish. I allowed myself one slice and ate that slow to enjoy every bite.
Here's what I ate on day 1
Breakfast - same old, 1 wheat bread with chunky PB
Lunch- 1 wheat with  chunky pb and a salad
dinner - brussle sprouts, 1 tiny slice of thin crust pizza
snacks - nuts, yogurt

I got in some exercises in the morning, my daily planks and arm weights, plus my three miles of running the hood. It was off to work = more exercise for 2.5 hours.

I must have needed a pre-weight loss reward because I treated myself to some new white small plates and a few new white bowls. I'm switching over to all white and needed to get rid of our glass plates. I just need a Friday reward that's non-food related!

I have been very unmotivated this entire week. It could have something to do with hearing about everyone going on a spring break trip. Plus the guilt my kids throw at me for not taking them anywhere when Everyone else is going some where! I'm trying to earn more to be able to take some family vacations before they are grown and out of the house.

We have zero plans for the weekend. I'd like to have something to look forward to doing but I'm just not sure of what? Steve mentioned the sportsman show in Mpls. Not really what I want to do but ?? It's walking and exercise plus something to do in the afternoon.

I'm off to work on a Friday. Can't wait to get it done and over. I do like to work, but I just want the weekend to start. I'm going to get over to the local park and run some trails. I need the variety!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What a difference!

After a customer of mine received a quote to restore their leather couches for $2000. I decided to bite the bullet and try and fix our sun dried, faded leather couch too.

Here is the before picture of our ottoman. Very faded, rough to the touch and lots and lots of stretches from the dog.

After picture. The leather feels like new. and it colored nice and even all over.

Here's what I purchased on line for $29.00. I covered all three couches and have some left for touch ups. It also comes in many other couch colors. Super easy to use, just rub on in circles. It took about 15 minutes to do all three of my leather couch sections, loveseat, over-sized chair and ottoman. I could not be happier with the results. Feels like we have semi- new couches once again.
Here is the website and ordering info. I'm not paid to give my review and didn't receive compensation for my opinion.

All sweaty after my Tuesday morning run. I sure do feel 100% better to get in my morning run. Now off to get in my Wednesday morning run!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend update

Looks  like I took zero photos on Friday night when we went to the MOA with neighbors for dinner and after back to their house to Play you don't know Jack. I should have taken a picture of  the dinner Steve and I shared for dinner. We had the lemon chicken at Crave restaurant.

Saturday, we drove out to two wineries by the St. Croix river. We stopped by Winehaven and did the tasting of  wine, then drove to the next place.

I liked the other winery better, but it was still good.

We shared a plate of cheese and crackers while enjoying our wine tasting.

It's a good thing I got out to run three miles in the morning before eating all that cheese!

After wine tasting we drove to Stillwater for dinner by the river. We tried a new place to us, Caribbean food. We shared the BBQ plate and it was delicious!

I was out there running again this morning. Just my easy three miles around the hood. It was pretty windy so my hair was in my eyes like this the whole time I ran. Nothing worse then having hair in your eyes!

We started Saturday off early so of course we were home Saturday night by 6:30pm. It gave us time to hang out on the couch with Zoey with her baby and Celina to watch a few movies.

I finally got my laptop fixed so I no longer need Steve's computer. I'm super excited to have all my computer issues fixed!

Still haven't gotten that leather fixer to restore our couches. I'm hoping it arrives early this coming week. I'm excited to try and fix the leather and see if it really does work!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Could have been better!

I had really poor trail conditions skiing after we got three inches of snow. I was expecting better trails but was sadly disappointed. It was tough skiing because every other ski slide I took, my ski would hit dirt. It was not fun. I took a short cut through the woods but it still took me 54 minutes to go 3 miles. I was a bit exhausted and didn't enjoy that ski workout at all.
I'm still glad I got out and did exercise. I just should have gone running instead. Well, at least I tried to get in one more time cross country skiing.

I keep disappointing myself every day with my over eating and not sticking to my low calorie diet to lose weight. I know come summer, I'm going to be very unhappy with shorts season if I CAN'T FIT into my summer clothes. I really need a reminder every afternoon and evening. Time to lay out the summer shorts and get a little reality to keep me on track.

It's soup for lunch and popcorn for a snack. Trying to stay out of the cookies and anything else that is non weight loss helpful.

Monday, March 13, 2017

There is enough!

At least five new inches of fresh snow fell on Sunday. I can go cross country skiing!! I'm a bit excited and wish I could get out there right now to ski. I have a thing called work, which I have to do first and then I have a much needed dental appointment which will prevent me from skiing till later on today. I'm hoping the snow will last to ski the entire week!

I might not be 100% sold on the snow after it was all gone but I'm happy to know that it won't last too long either. We need spring! Zoey also was loving the fresh snow. Her favorite thing to do is to eat snow and stick her nose deep into it.

My cake might not look that pretty but it tasted good. I will remake the cake and change up the frosting. I think strawberry or raspberry could go great with this light cake and frosting. It just needs a few tweeks.

 I got to see my favorite little person, Evan last night along with Kendra. We had them both over for dinner. Chicken gyros. Kendra made some delicious butternut squash and kale with panko crumbs on top. I should have take a photo of the food but I forgot.

Happy Monday....

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday, Rested and Recharged!

After not running for five days in a row due to high winds and just plain tired, I felt rested and recharged on my Sunday morning run. It felt good to want to run and not feel. I took it easy with 3 miles around the hood.
Back to the low teens for temperatures which is a bit chilly after our warm up of 60's. I had a neighbor ask me last night, at what temperature do you say it's too cold to run. My answer was pretty simple, it's more of weather conditions then temperature. I didn't run in the crazy wind and I skip running in deep snow or icy roads. I didn't have to deal with any below zero temperatures this winter but I'd probably skip running if it was cold and windy on those days too. I'd much rather be outside running then stuck inside the gym any day so if the weather is good enough to run, I'll be out there!

Saturday night we went out to Cannon Falls to listen to a favorite band, Ashes for April at the winery. We shared a bottle of Go Go red wine and then went to dinner to get burgers.
I ate so bad all day on Saturday! Donuts for breakfast, pizza for lunch and wine/burgers for dinner. I was happy to get back to better eating today. I'm starting fresh on Monday with losing weight. You know. .. I'll do it tomorrow..

I purchased that new gray-brown rug I've been wanting to get for our front room. Now to get two new chairs and bring the old couches down to the basement. I just have to pick out some chairs for this room.
I'm going to try restoring our leather couches. They have taken a beating from being in the front room where all the sun hits them. I spent $29 on some leather balm that should restore the color to all three pieces of furniture. Anything is better then doing nothing at this point and I'm willing to try this to see if the couches will look better.
I have my before and on Friday, after I do the repair to the leather color I will have an after. I have a few more projects to update the chairs in our house with new fabric. Plus, I'm on the hunt for new bar chairs cheaper then $100 each. We need Six chairs so I want to spend under $500 at this point.
I'm trying to add some green with some easy to care for plants. So far so good since I remember to water them.
I'm not super confident in the weather report on how much snow we are going to get. I've heard 4 to 5". Some areas will get up to 9" of snow in the south metro. If we do get 4" of snow, I'll be back to skiing this week, which is pretty exciting since I hardly got to ski this winter. Fingers crossed I'll be skiing tomorrow! The snow won't last so if we are going to get any snow, it might as well be enough to actually ski!
Celina is still checking out colleges. She wanted to tour the U of M so we had a very cold tour on Friday since the kids were off from school.

 Just a few pictures from our tour around the campus.

 We need to go back to the free museum and check out the gift shop. Plus, we can ride our bikes here in the summer.

We have a few more schools in the area to check out. Celina wants to stay in Minnesota. She's going with a friend to St. Cloud to look at the school and then I'll take her to Mankato and a few others.
My baby looking out the window at all the snow we are getting this afternoon. I'm in the middle of making a cake for dinner. I got the recipe off Pinterest so we'll see how it turns out!