Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Monday, March 6, 2017

We circled back to Monday once again!

Here we are, back at Monday. Those weekends just go by far too fast.
I was pretty lazy Saturday and Sunday with my workout goals. I did manage to run three miles on Sunday and do my daily exercises at least one out of the two weekend days. It was far less then I was planning on doing. The biking in the afternoon on Sunday never happened. I took a nap, then cleaned our house instead.

I woke to 53+F which is nice and a little wind. I'm planning on running this morning then going to work. I've decided to treat myself to a pedicure at some point this week. My feet are in desperate need of some TLC before flip flop season.

I'm excited to start my new efforts in weight loss with my new check list to do in the afternoons and evenings. I'm hoping this is what will work to keep me focused and on track to lose weight. It's an every day mind game with me and I never seem to win at it. I some how don't care about losing weight in the evening as I do each morning and afternoon. I don't want to go out and buy larger clothes. I want to fit into all my skinny stuff.

I have my snack bowl ready to go and I've preplanned my meals and snacks for today to make sure I'm under 1500 calories for the day. I should be hungry with what I've planned out. I just need to stick to the meal plan.

I've been reading some bloggers day in the life.. and it's always fun to read about how people spend their day.

Here's a little snap of what I do.. pretty much every single day..

Get up early 5am, let the dog out, do yoga and read the news on my cell for an hour plus, I'm also eating my one slice of bread with PB and drinking lots of water. So that hour I'm always taking yoga breaks to let the dog out, help the kids with something to get them out the door on time. Some days, I fall back to sleep after doing my yoga around 6am, but it's a power nap till 7 am. I do my daily exercises which consist of 2 minute planks bent times 2, straight arm planks at 2 minutes times 2, side planks at a minute each, for a total of 4 minutes. I go to the dumb bells, Russian twist with 20 pound weight, and arm weights 15 pounds, with hammers, bicep curls, triceps etc.. a few exercises all of which I record in my daily planner. I'm not sure I'd still be doing my daily exercises if I didn't write it all down. I hate blank spaces when I didn't do my exercises. It usually takes me 45 minutes to get all this done since I take my sweet time. What ever.. as long as I am doing something!

After that I blog, and then go out for my run. When I get home, I make cookies and prep for going to work.

My work day always changes. I am usually out the door around the same time each day, give or take 30 minutes. My goal is to be home around noon to have lunch. That varies too as sometimes its after 2pm. I like to come home to eat instead of eating out. I usually try and stop at the bank and store before I head for home since I usually don't want to go back out after I'm home for the day.

I eat lunch, rest, read the news again. Play with the dog and that's about it till the kids get home. I usually take my nap around 2pm. I just have zero energy in the afternoons.

I'm pretty lazy the rest of the afternoon/ Evening. That's why I break my diet. I just want to eat and be lazy. Watch TV, read the news and do nothing but lay on the couch. Its something I'm working on changing. It's just tough in the winter months when there is no snow and I can't ski in the afternoon and it's too cold to bike. So I sit and wait for spring/summer and fall to get out and do something with my time.

Off to finish up my morning with a run.. It's going to be a great morning for running!

Have a super Monday!