Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Find a new path... tunnel vision

I had to find a new path to run this morning. Lucky me.. there was a cool tunnel to run though that goes under a busy road and the other side leads around a neighborhood pond. 
I gave this advice to both my kids yesterday, It's better to try and fail then to quit and never give yourself a chance to succeed or fail. Sometimes just doing some thing out of your comfort zone is success regardless of the outcome.  

You sometimes need tunnel vision to make changes in your life and get any where you want to be. Don't let yourself or others take you down.. charge ahead and get to the other side..

 Go to the light at the end of that tunnel.. 
I did have a beautiful place to run this morning. I only ran for 30 minutes and I stopped a few times to take some photos. 
It was just nice running some where new... there was so much to look at. 
I had to stop to take a photo of all the wild flowers growing next to this lake/pond.

A really nice path walking, running and bike friendly.. 

I have to be in the same area again tonight... I think this just might be a running route I'll do again.. I think it would be fun to see how fast I can run the 1.4 miles and it would also be good to do a little other speed work since its a flat path and short enough distance. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I just can't concentrate.. filled with worry

I just can't concentrate and my workout suffered. It should help to get some cardio, but it didn't today. My mind was reeling..and filled with worry. As a parent we make some tough decisions for our kids. I know it was the right choice, but it doesn't make it feel any easier. I think its all set up to guilt parents.. SPORTS.. and the politics that all go into it. I made the decision to not let Logan try out for a soccer team due to more practice times per week, all year round. He's just not that kid who wants to do soccer 24/7.. not even 2 days a week. Most of his team all but 3 are now on another team. I feel bad. I wanted him to play soccer with the same kids. The money involved and practice amount then travel out of state is just not what our family is about. He will still play soccer and will be on a team with some of those same kids in middle school and High school, just not going to happen this year. I don't have the heart to tell him this year will be a BIG change. Maybe he will want to play more and go to practice more often this year? I guess we will see.. for now.. we will stick to keeping soccer fun.. isn't that what it should be for kids? They are not mini adults and its not a job.. its about just playing, getting exercise and working as a team. 
Logan does have team tryouts today.. we will see if some of the other boys who also didn't tryout for this other team will be on his fall team... Never hurts to make some comfort foods.. M&M cookies..that will make everything all right! At least this teams costs won't break the bank $$$$..
Like I said.. zero concentration this morning. I decided to not run.. just bike up to the gym. My plan was to lift weights for 30 minutes and bike home. I didn't last 30 minutes... I just wanted to be home.. Some days are going to be that way. I gave it a try and I just need to back off .. Its not a day to push through.. even though I probably should.. 
I really wanted to peddle fast and furious.. and I did for awhile in hopes that would help. It didn't.. and I gave up after 7 miles for the day.. Maybe later.. maybe not? Tomorrow is a new day and this too shall pass.. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More biking miles then I was planning!

In Grand Marias we came across a few of these bikes parked around town. How cool is that, a little town now had bikes all around for you to ride. I'm not sure how their program works for the bike use since we had our own bikes and didn't need to use these. 
I set off to do only a few miles on the bike. I just finished running 7 miles and lifting weights for 30 minutes. I just really wanted to do a bike ride.. after all if I do a dualthalon its good training to do one right after the other. 
I ended up biking 9.68 miles in 41 minutes! How's that for not feeling like going for a bike ride. I found a new road once I got to the closed dirt road. It took me on a detour around that area and back onto a familiar paved road that connected me back to one of my other favorite, but hilly dirt roads. 
To answer my question.. did it make me feel stronger? No just a little more tired.. but I do feel like I could easily knock out a sprint or Olympic distance dualthalon. I am sure there is an advantage to working my legs harder on dirt roads with larger tires... because this dualthalon will be all on roads with skinny tires.. easy compared to this 10 miles I just finished! It should be a piece of cake...well not sure I can say that ever about racing! Just finishing the distance and doing it will be an accomplishment! So yes! I do feel stronger and confident in this race distance. 
I don't have all day to bike, like I did on vacation.. I'd better get to work! 

Running is so much better on a road called "... Run Road".

This is one of my favorite road to run on.. I love seeing that I'm running on Run Road. 
I wish it was a great running day but I had one of those it feels really, really hard to move today runs. Not the best kind but I pushed on hoping that feeling would go away. 
As you can see my mile times were pretty slow today. Even at a 10 something mile pace it felt hard. I just wanted to walk.. but I kept running because I'd get to my destination a lot quicker running a slow pace then a walking pace. 
The whole time running I kept thinking about biking after my run. I really wanted to feel like going for a 14 mile bike ride. When I got home after running 7 miles and lifting weights for 30 minutes.. I didn't feel like doing any thing more then lay on the couch. I have a feeling this is when I should try and push through to make myself stronger. I read all the time about other runners pushing through a really tough workout and it makes them feel really strong after.. like they know they can do anything hard. Would I feel like this too if I got off the couch and did my bike ride? I'll never know unless I try!
Okay.. its a deal.. I'm off to bike. Not sure where I'm going or how many miles I'll go. I just want to get out there and bike like I wanted to yesterday and this morning. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Get right back into it..

That's exactly what I did this morning after 4 days of vacation.. get right back into running. 

I got up extra early this morning, so I'd have over an hour to get ready to run. I have to do all my stretching before I can thinking about running. 
 Vacation really helped improve my easy feeling running today. I just decided no need to try and do any speed work. I wanted to take it easy.. I like how I can now do an 8 something minute mile.. even if it is close to a 9  minute mile.. it's still eight! And it didn't feel hard at all.. Now to get all 7 miles to feel that easy! 
The first day of camping in the wilderness I managed to figure out how to do a plank outside. I used our fire starting news paper so I wouldn't get dirty and my jacket helped cushion my elbows. Worked great! We got up and went biking right away on the other days so I didn't make time to do my planks.. a few days letting it slide by.. I really could have fit in a plank.. but I made that excuse.. I was just too busy having fun on vacation to do actual hard work. 

I was right back at Planking this morning. I came across a Plank test to determine if you need to work more on your core for athletes. 1 minute bent elbows, go right into holding up your right arm for 15 sec then left arm 15 sec, right leg 15 sec and last left leg 15 sec.. and hold the plank for another 30 seconds. Total time 2 minutes and 30 seconds done! Easy enough and time went quicker having to lift up my arm or leg. Might just have to do this every day for variety! Passed with flying colors thanks to doing daily planks since October 2013... 

I really like our fitness wilderness vacation. We both thought biking through the woods was the best experience! We loved every second of it. 
The kayaks were great to have along too. Steve was able to fish while I relaxed a bit. Paddling and biking are a good workout. Glad they use completely different muscles.. I was feeling a good arm workout from all that paddling. Nice to rest my legs and put my feet up. 
A great way to relax the day after a vacation.. watching Evan while Logan practices soccer. 

one last Northern woods photo.. just because.. 

Back from 4 days in the wilderness!

We spent the last 5 days, 4 nights in a remote camp site in Northern Minnesota near Lutsen. We had pretty perfect weather until last night and this morning.. rain..

We set up camp in our favorite spot and settled in for the first night as we got there just before dusk. 

We tried to keep it simple, but we pretty much packed everything but the kitchen sink. 
I was super excited to try mountain biking on the old logging roads. There are miles and miles of roads that go deep into the woods. Its so remote, not too many people ever go on them and we'd probably never see a person for weeks.. maybe months or never. 
Just one of the road we biked on.. for a few miles. we traveled 2 hours into the woods on the first day and 3 hours round trip on the second day. Lots and lots of biking! 
It's always fun coming across a HUGE animal track out in the middle of the woods.. many miles in. Can you see the huge claws and paw print of a wolf? We actually heard a puppy crying right next to the trail and decided to turn around and get out of there... that far into the woods.. its not a dog.. its a wolf pup and the mother was sure to be around hunting close by. Thankfully, we never did see any wolf or bears.. but you have to be on the lookout!

I have so  many photos.. I'll post more on our Nelson family 2014 blog.. 
The 3rd full day in the woods we took the kayaks to a river. Not sure what we were thinking as it had some rapids and was very remote once again. We stuck to the lake after paddling around for a bit in the river. 

We were always expecting to see Moose or some animals, just bald Eagles flying over head. 
I just love it out in the woods.. Its just so pretty... 
We mostly spent the late afternoons/evenings down by Lake Superior. The water was glass all three days.. Really nice to sit next to the lake. 

Grand Marais had their dragon boat races and some crafts stuff going on this weekend. 
We always go to a few of our favorite shops and restaurants while in town.. First is to get the Worlds Best Donuts.. 
 I always get the lemon powder donuts and this time I tried a caramel roll. 

We go to Beth's Fudge store.. and get our 1-1/4 pound box of assorted fudge. 
We always manage to eat the entire box before the trip is over so a second visit to the store before we head for home is a must for another big box of fudge. They really do have the best fudge I've ever tasted! 
We had pizza at My Sister's place a great restaurant up on the hill in town. 

Dock side by lake Superior, drinks and apps.. 
We also did a few camping meals.. pancakes, hash browns.. 
Steak, mushrooms and potatoes.. 
Plus one good cold beverage sitting at the camp fire. 

Before you know it.... we had to pack up and head for home...