Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Liking the biking...

I got talked into biking instead of going for a run this Saturday morning. It was perfect to bike, humid, no wind and cloudy. If the sun was out.. it would have been HOT! 
We did our Saturday morning route.. directly to Starbucks for coffee and ice water. We found out Rosemount Bike club meets up there too and then they all do the tour together. How fun. Steve's just not interested in hanging out with a bunch of guys on bikes, women yes because he said they are more interesting to talk to then guys. I'd have to agree 100% with this one. I still think we need a few friends that are all into fitness. We have zero couples that we know who go out together on the weekends and run, bike, hike, boat, motorcycle ride.. and the list goes on. Of course, we are not trying to hard. I just think the people you hang out around can inspire you to move beyond your comfort zone, if you choose the right ones or they choose you! 

We had a lot of rain yesterday once again.. everything was overly muddy. Of course we take the road that's closed.. every time we ride down we never know what to expect. The road was all mud.. and a lot longer.. There is no turning back.. 
We got stuck in a few places where we had to get off the bikes. The mud was just caked on my tires, and shoes. Good thing I wore my old running shoes this time. 
Boys and their trucks..or digging machines.. He just had to take an up close look.

This was the only part I didn't like.. getting too close to going around this dug out hole. I envisioned the sides collapsing and us being buried by heavy mud, sand and dirt. The mother in me comes out at these times and I think the worst. I just walked the bike around quickly while Steve proceeded to show me how close he could stand on the edge and jump up and down. Please don't freak me out anymore then I already am! 

I should probably say.. his MRI tests were A-Okay! Always nice to hear there is absolutely nothing wrong with your brain after worrying for weeks.. He still has ear ringing that is not explained but that's a lot better then the alternative. He does have a cyst in his sinus, which explains why he only can breathe clearly out of one side of his nose. Who knew!
After all that mud fun.. and Starbucks stop, we rode our bikes home. 14 miles done! It's not over.. I had to hose down the bikes and now am washing our muddy clothes. 
We made some really tasty burgers on the grill last night. Steve toasted the buns, made bacon, and worked his magic seasoning on the burgers. I helped by laying the cheese on the burgers and washing some lettuce. A fantastic burger! I could go for one right now, only its too early and I really love my PB.. and NO not going to try the PB burger combo.. gross.. just gross! 
We have a new pet.. a deck chipmunk. He's a brave guy to come up while we are sitting out there. We always put out crumbs of bread, chips, cookies etc.. we get a lot of wildlife coming up on our deck. 


Do you feed the animals? 

Do you or would you put peanut butter on your burger (veggie or beef)? 

What kind of workout are you doing today? Solo or with someone?