Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Just some ramblings.

The kids sports photos.. 

Logan and I went biking Wednesday afternoon at Ft Snelling along the river. 
 We stopped at the falls and then continued on our bike ride. 

I attempted to color my gray hair around my hair line. That didn't work. I used a medium blonde and it pretty much brought out the red in my hair. Just wish it would have colored the white hair. I'm thinking my gray hair is resistant to color! 
I made another tomato tart with some home grown tomatoes from a client's garden. So yummy!
 I had some puff pastry left over so I made some apple tarts and ate it with vanilla ice cream a little more home made apple filling.

I'm not going to lose weight eating this stuff. Might need to get more serious about my healthy eating and drop some much needed pounds. 
I have some soccer coming up to watch and Celina's last ever tennis match. 
I need to bike today too. It's a beautiful fall day and I need to take advantage of the afternoon! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What we were up to this weekend

Here's a little of what we did this past weekend. Friday night was Logan's soccer game against a rival school. His team won 1 to 0

Saturday since it was almost 90*F, we took the boat out early to the St. Croix river. Celina caught the only fish of the day. After fishing we took a ride up to Hudson on the river, ate lunch at Pier 500 and dropped the kids off dock side in Prescott. They needed to get ready for Homecoming football game and dance.

I rode my bike a lot. Took advantage of warm weather mornings.
Saturday night, Steve and I went to the Hastings car show. 

 Had some food and bar hopped while the car show was going on. It was a hot one!

I got Steve to bike with me Sunday morning 14 miles with a train stop.
 Sunday afternoon, the kids and I went to the new ice cream roll place, called Sota. We waited for 1-1/2 hours to try this ice cream. It was good and so pretty to eat! I tried strawberry with brownies. YUM!!
We watched them make ice cream and then roll it up. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Week #300 of Exercise

I'm at week #300, that's 5.76 years of working out almost every day! That's a huge accomplishment for me! Just wish I could have kept all 50 pounds of weight loss off over the five + years but I haven't gained it all back, just need to work on getting down back to my original weight loss. I did it before and I can do it again! Just amounts to paying more attention to what I put in my mouth and eating less of it!
Celina played doubles yesterday and lost. It was a crazy windy day and you could tell everyone was struggling.


 I went on a wild goose chase last night to multiple stores. Its' homecoming week and every day is a theme to dress up. Red, white and Blue, Hawaiian Day, Super Hero, school pride. unfortunately, the stores were pretty cleaned out and I didn't have much luck.
 The kids said NO to all my ideas! They ended up with a T-shirt and I found some Tropical items around the house. Good enough!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My day

I made more corn salad but it didn't turn out exactly the same. I added lime instead of lemon and you can taste the difference!
 I watched Celina play doubles tennis match this afternoon. It was CRAZY windy!!

 My new customer has a massage chair. He said, go ahead and try it out. So I did for over 30 minutes!
 Just getting a little after work, chair massage. I think I could have stayed here all day!

Monday, September 18, 2017

How to be healthy

I am trying to get back to healthy eating once again. I fell off the diet back in July after we went to Colorado for a family vacation.  I think about my eating every day but then I buy things I should not eat like a treat of ice cream, donuts or a few cookies then some chips. I'm going backwards on my diet goals and I'm not happy about that!

Last week, was a super warm few days in a row. Steve and I took the jetski out on the St. Croix river one last time this year. We didn't swim, just fished a little (which I had not done this year) and rode around the river.
The unfortunate part, was that we forgot to check the gas tank before getting on the river and we only had three bars. Pretty low gas. We found out after traveling down the river to the gas station dock, they were closed for the season. This is why we ended up fishing and just riding around the boat launch just so we'd have enough gas! It's hard not to take advantage of any nice day in Minnesota!

A customer gave me some home grown tomatoes from her garden. I wanted to make a tomato tart but the store was out of puff pastry.  I just purchased a wrap for sandwiches instead and it turned out pretty good too! Probably a lot lower in calorie since it was whole grain and super thin.

I once again re-arranged our house. We are getting rid of the outdated leather couch and big over stuffed chair. We have a new couch and chair to replace them and it's time to update! I moved our dining room table back into the front room and set up our family room once again in front of the fireplace. We all like the change but I do miss hanging out in the front room in the mornings. I'll get use to the new set up.

Our new/used couches and chair. My customer is moving and hardly ever used this furniture. We even got her end table and coffee table. With the red and gray with white trim in our house, the red furniture looks nice to add some color. I just need some gray pillows. This is her room before moving to our house.

I went raspberry picking my myself a few weeks ago. I was down in Northfield and driving by the raspberry farm so I figured why not! I am sure I ate just as much as I picked. They were delicious. I froze a few trays to eat with my yogurt. Makes for a good ice cream replacement. Now to get out and pick some apples this fall!
Celina had her senior photos done Sunday afternoon. We found a terrific photographer. She was easy to talk with and made Celina very comfortable in front of the camera. I didn't take any photos while at the shoot but we should have them back in about two weeks. I'm excited as we got to preview a few after the photos were taken. We are going to have a tough time deciding!! They were all so pretty of Celina!
Time to get back on the diet track. It's going to be tough but I can do it again!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A little Rugged Maniac preview

Saturday we got up bright and early to volunteer at the Rugged Maniac. Celina and I ended up at the registration booth. I at first wasn't too happy we actually had to do work, instead of just watch at one of the obstacles. It turned out fine as the hours we helped went by fast!

After our morning of volunteering, we got to run the race for free. Why pay to run 3 miles in mud when you can do some good, volunteer then run it.

I'm looking forward to getting our photos back in a few days.

Pipestone, Walnut Grove and New Ulm

We all took a mini weekend trip to Pipestone (Native American/ Quarry for pipes), Walnut Grove (little house on the prairie) and New Ulm (Beer). We did a little camping one night since the weather was going to be perfect to sleep outside. Plus, keep it cheap since we didn't want to spend a whole lot on this mini trip.
Our first stop was at Fort Ridgley.
 There wasn't much left of the fort because the farmers took all the wood from the original buildings. They still had the stone footings of each building and told us on a sign what each was for.

Next up was camping and cooking out

 Native American Petroglyphs in Jeffers MN

 Pipestone, MN