Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Speed diet.. trying something new

The radio station 107 talked yesterday about a quick diet for fast results. It made perfect sense to me. Everyone likes quick results and this diet figured out how to do just that to lose a pound a day! I guess I need to figure out where to get the book and read up.. or just try the simplified version I got off the radio. 
If you want to lose a pound, you must have a 3500 calorie deficit. The guy who wrote the book, came up with the quick weight-loss plan first, then figured out how to do it. You need at least 850 calories a day in food to keep your body functioning. Most diets have you eating 1500 calories per day. This is for quick results. I'm not that good at dieting. I'd rather think of it as getting fit. This way, I won't lose sight of my goal. I like quick results and that's how I lost 50 pounds. I never weighted myself during the whole process. I never deprived myself food, but I ate less then 1000 calories per day eating the same foods and smaller portions. I never felt deprived or hungry. (disclaimer) I am not an expert on diet/weight loss or nutrition. It's just something I want to try for myself. 

Getting fit to lose weight Plan of ACTION:
Make a Meal plan daily and stick to it- (keep it dumb simple)
Make it boring food and easy to prepare, but tasty at every meal. 

Thursday Meals: 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner - (each meal)2 slices whole grain wheat bread, with chunky Peanut butter = 300 calories per meal or 900 calories. Snacks - All the carrot sticks I can eat 100 calories, Grand total calories for the day=1000 

Calories to burn Thursday with exercise: 300 biking (done), 25-30 minutes strength training 200 (done), 250 working, 200 mow grass, bike to bank 300 = 1250 calories burned for the day... 

I will be posting updates to see how I'm doing on this quick results weight loss. Ready, set.. here we go! 
Biking was pretty nice this morning. I just biked to the gym so I could do some full body strength training. It's an easy 7 miles round trip. I was really wanting to run to the gym but that darn knee wasn't having it. Something just felt off and I didn't want to push my luck. It's better to cross train then to risk an injury. My knee needs running rest. 
I've been wearing my arm warmers on my bike rides and new running gloves. They work perfect to keep me warm and I can easily remove them when I get too warm. Plus, I love how they kind of match my biking shirt and shoes.

I love getting the mail when I get some good stuff, not just bills. My runner magazine showed up and of course I spent the afternoon on the couch reading. I have this afternoon problem.. I don't really feel like doing anything other then read and lay around. I get pretty tired after my morning workout then working for a few hours. I'm wondering if it's just the case of me being lazy or am I really that tired all the time? Might be a little combo of both! I tried to change that yesterday afternoon. I was all dressed and ready to go out biking but it just never happened. If it didn't work yesterday.. try something new or just try it all over again. 
I promised myself I would bike up to the bank/store instead of driving this afternoon. I need to get in at least 14 miles of biking to make it a good workout for the day. I'm also going to change into my biking clothes right when I'm done working. This way I'm ready to bike after a short rest. No excuse Thursday! Baby steps to make changes.. that's what it's all about. Small efforts will pay off.. just one tiny step at a time and Bam! You made a change in your life. I just think getting out in the afternoon for exercise will get me out of this bored/blah/depressed feeling. Its going to be rough because I always feel too tired but I have to push though to make a change and start feeling better about my health and fitness. Getting more fit is not always a comfortable feeling and it definitely is not easy. 

What are some things you do when feeling Blah/bored/semi depressed? Exercise.. sleep, internet.. (Not being able to run due to my knee is depressing me).

Have you ever tried an extreme diet to lose a pound a day? I use to starve myself, thinking if I didn't eat anything I'd lose weight. I busted that theory when I was able to eat and lose 50 pounds without ever feeling hungry and tired.