Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just Bike IT !

This knee issue is getting old fast. I had every intention to run just easy on the dirt road and home.. its  mostly flat to take it easy. I did my warm up lunges.. and I could just tell there was something off about my knee. No use attempting to run.. just bike it! 
What a beautiful summer morning.. 70*F which is the perfect temperature to bike and not feel chilled. I just went out for a leisure ride to enjoy the morning. I have't biked down this dirt road since last fall and really missed the views.. I love how we live on the edge of farm land and neighborhoods.. It won't be long before all is built up around us and that will be a sad day.

I couldn't resit stopping during my bike ride to take a few photos. All these baby cows in the pasture.. They all stopped eating to watch me. 
Three baby cows.. this is the first time I've ever seen them so close to the road. 

Can you see why I love this road? Just me, cows and the bike all alone on this stretch of road. 9 easy biking miles done in 41 minutes with stopping for photos..  
I did try running just around our little .31 mile block. I ran it slow just to do a brick run. Bike to run transition. I took it really slow 10:40 minute mile pace.. because that knee... I'm going to run a little every time I bike just to get my legs use to doing the transition.. I don't want to feel like I have bricks for legs... and this is a good plan to get rid of that not so super feeling. 

Lookie who I got to see last night, Evan!   Look how much he has grown this past three week! He just starts smiling as soon as I took out my phone to take a photo.

Celina was busy doing my hair out on the deck. The kids informed me.. my roots are darker then the rest of my hair and they see some gray hairs.. I think that's a sign if my kids are telling me to color my hair.. it might be time. I just am impatient and have a hard time sitting around with hair dye for 30 minutes. I do love my hair fixed.. even if Celina was making me look weird.. I can't even post the other hair styles they are that tragic looking! 
Sometimes I do get out of workout clothes.. I haven't worn this favorite skirt since I was in my late 20's. Every once in a while when I was 50 pounds heavier I'd try it on and I could never button it up. Glad to say.. I can easily button and zip it up... 

Last night, I made Thai Red Curry. I wanted to make it exactly like what we had in DC in that little Thai restaurant. Not sure I have it mastered but it was really simple to make. 
I had to Google a recipe but improvised.. 
1 can of lite coconut milk, 
1 can of regular coconut milk, 
1/2 small can of red curry paste
.. mix together and heat up, add bamboo shoots, slice red pepper and mushrooms. Serve over rice. (Add shrimp or chicken)

I'm back to my quick diet, Day 3.. Stuck to it yesterday, but I did have a slice of fruit tart after dinner. I think my calories were around 1500 for the day. A bit higher then I wanted. 

Eating my favorite Whole grain bread with Chunky Peanut butter. 
Plan for today... 
Breakfast - 2 slices wheat bread with PB
Lunch - 2 slices wheat bread with PB
Dinner - Rice and Salsa
Snack - Raspberries, blueberries and carrots w/ lite Ranch.