Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What worked and didn't to meet my goals?

What works for me is blogging daily about my fitness and diet. It might seem like the same old to anyone reading this, but sure helps me keep on track and keep working out and eating healthy. I might sound like a broken record, but to me its my accountability. That's what I like about blogs VS. Facebook posts. If you want to read this, you have to go search it out, unlike FB where if your friends with that person, and they post something, you will see it. I don't feel the need to share with everyone that I ran 6 miles every day, or skied or went out and had so much fun. I'm just not into sharing my life like that. Blogging, sure because I know limited people actually read this, if anyone is interested in my life at all? I would hope that being a part of the running community and just wanting to be healhty and fit would get others to do the same. It's not easy and it just makes it more do-able when others join you. Its just a great support system, that we are all in this together and we have ups and downs with tons of struggles each and every day. Nice to know your not alone and working towards similar goals. 
What is not working right now with my blog is the connection between my cell photos and my blog. They aren't speaking apparently and I have no new photos to share until I figure it out. I had some phone storage issues and had to clean up my phone a bit which is causing the problems I'm having now. I know.. third world problems. 
I would have meet my workout goals for this week, 7 days with cross country skiing, but since it's like flipping cold out there, temps in the negative numbers. I'm not wanting to go out and ski in this weather with the wind chill. I will warm up once I get going but I sure did have frozen fingers for more then 20 minutes yesterday and it was at least 20 degrees warmer. I can still say I met my goals since I should take a rest day even if I don't want to. I'm giving myself a cold weather out for today. 
I did a lot better on my healhty eating this week. I still had some trouble since I had a few oatmeal cookies, and some chocolate but you have to live a little too. It wasn't anything crazy but added to my calories which didn't help me stay within 1500 - 2000 calories for the day. Oh well... I did pass having more then one drink on Friday night. Stuck with only 2 glasses of wine while we were out Saturday night. Made one meal, of pepper steak, which is an improvement from making zero dinners. 4 days I hit my calories goals. There is big room for improvement, but I'll take 4 days and try to make it 5 or more next week. 
I only skipped one day of my daily planks/exercises. That was yesterday.. Not sure why I didn't do my planks..? 6 out of 7 is okay with me because I really feel like skipping it every day. 

Did I lose any weight this week? Good question. I have no idea. I would like to think yes, but my diet oops says no. I have plenty of room to change and and make more progress next week. 

I want to sit less. I tend to just want to sit around all day after I'm done working and skiing. Like not moving from the couch. I need to get up more, clean our house, organize or find something to keep me moving. 

I'm going to the chiro to take care of all those aches and pains from doing all this cross country skiing. 

I need to reward myself for 100 days of my diet, even if I got off track a little and didn't reach my skinny jeans goals just yet. 

I want to cook more dinners. (I'll aim for 2- starting small)  This really helped me move more and got me involved in making better choices about what I'll be eating for dinner. 

Make better food substitutions so I don't feel deprived from eating that cake, cookie, bread etc.. I had soup for snack this week. Made healthy oatmeal cookies. 

The biggest goal.. Week #13, keep working out, keep making better, more healhty food choices and eating less to fit back into those skinny red jeans!