Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Everyone is getting healthy

My kids are starting to see the benefit of eating healthy. I love that they both like to cook. Last night Celina made dinner for us. Quoinoa  or how ever you spell it, mushrooms, roasted brussel sprouts that were spicy from all the black pepper and a thin boneless pork chop. I went back for 2nd on the veggies. 

I wanted to make some chocolate crinkle cookie bars, but we didn't have the main ingredient, unsweetened chocolate. I made peanut butter rice crispy bars with chocolate and M&M's instead and I should not have done that! I ate far too many bars. I kept cutting away little by little at the bars till I was sick I ate so much. I was counting up my calories and thought I ate around 3000, thankfully, I was off by 1000. Still what would have been a healhty day of eating and sticking to my calories was not happening since I indulged in those bars. 

I'm not going to eat any more because I just can't seem to stop myself. This morning I read up on how to be mentally stronger. My body wants to lose weight but my mind.. has a mind of it's own. What are the tips for staying strong? 

1. Drink water, your probably just thirsty and not hungry. Eating rice crispy bars had nothing to do with hunger or thirst. I was just wanting to eat as much as I wanted and not stop. 

2. Keep busy. I was busy driving back and forth to the kids actives last night. 

3. Get over the indulge and get right back on track. It's okay to cheat and completely mess up. 

4. Wait 10 minutes and if you still want it, go for it. 

5, Yoga

6. Sleep

7. Just don't have temptations around. 

8. Try eating something healhty instead and then if you still want the junk, go  eat it. 

I'm sure there are more tips but this is what I try to do to stay diet strong. It works sometimes and others not so much. Maybe I should right a what I didn't eat for the day list? 

We are going to be out of the deep freeze this afternoon and back into the teens. I'm waiting to go ski till I'm done working for the day. This seems to be the best way to get in my skiing or running in winter. Why go out when it's morning and colder.. I'll wait till it warms up a bit. 
I'm so glad to be going outdoors once again to workout and get in some cross country skiing. I do miss running a tiny bit, but am thankful for the cross training break. 

Happy Wednesday!