Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

One Problem I need to solve!

I don't know about you, but I have this evening/late afternoon problem when it comes to my diet and what I shove in my mouth. I eat healthy all morning, during lunch, then comes late afternoon and evening. I have zero will power and my mind does not want to eat healthy. I just want what I want.. sometimes that means chocolate, white bread, candy or cookies. Anything that is not healthy. I know the next day I'll regret my decisions. I just can't seem to break this habit even though I know it's the cause of me not reaching my weight loss goals. 

I just need to solve this eating behavior problem. 
Here I'm at a BIG goal diet day #100 and I'm all feeling guilty about eating all those Hershey kisses last night. I didn't just have one or two.. nope, I kept eating.. and have the pile of wrappers to prove it. I need to stop being hard on myself. I know this. 
What is my solution to my problem? The easy answer is to just not eat the crap in the evening. Easier said then done. I've got the whole healhty choices down in the morning and lunch. I'm going to start a afternoon/evening diet, Starting now... Day 1. I'm sure there will be days where I screw up. I'm hoping to have less and less. I will have to re-train my brain to crave healthy foods at night. I don't have it all figured out. This is what I came up with...

I'm usually watching some TV in the evenings. I'm tired from a day of working, and working out. I'm bored. I'm just not thinking clearly. Out of habit I'm not paying attention to what I should be eating or not. 

A few solutions:
Stop watching so much TV in the evening. 

Read and stay away from the kitchen.
Pre-cut veggies/fruit to have around in the evening for a healthy snack. Make a list of healthy choices.
Do yoga/de-stress and to keep from being bored.
Look/read diet information to keep me thinking about good choices.

I'm just not sure this will work. I have to try something to break the cycle. It's all about re-training the brain and the body will follow.. 
I had Three things on my want to do list this winter. 
1. Sledding
2. Ice skating
3. Skiing. 

I've now checked off two out of the three. Yesterday, Evan and I went sledding at the local park. 
The hill was made for little kids. I was happy to have to whole sledding hill to ourselves. It's not really made for many people. 

We sure had fun and I got a great workout. It was a quick ride down the hill but a lot of climbing back up. Evan wanted to walk up a few times and then he realized it was better to be pulled up the hill. 
All this outside playing in the snow tired him out. I wanted to go to the library, but he fell asleep on the way there. 
It's another ski day for me. I am getting out this morning before working later on. I'm always happy to see temperatures in the upper 20's and 30's for skiing. We had some fresh snow of about and inch or two so the trails should be a lot better today.