Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Weekend, Duluth Ski Trip

Vacations take forever to get here and are over in a blink of the eye. 
The first day in Duluth, we went to a new smaller ski resort, Mount Fond Du Lac in Wisconsin. It reminded me of Buckhill but less chair lifts and a lot steeper slopes. 
The Tubing was closed for repairs unfortunately. It would have been fun to do a little tubing with down hill skiing. 
It was pretty chilly, in the teens while we were skiing the first day.
We stayed in Duluth over Valentine's day. The hotel gave us roses. 

Kendra, Paul and Evan came up to Duluth with us. Paul went snow boarding with us. Kendra and Evan checked out the Aquarium in Duluth during the time we were all skiing. 

Hanging out inside the chalet, warming up. 

Lake view

We stayed at Black Bear Casino and we found plenty to do at night.  A lot of gambling. Well, we kept playing with the same money and Steve was up $150, then lost $100 this morning, so at least he was still up $50 dollars
 I was all about just playing the nickel and quarter machines. Yes, not big spenders on gambling!

 We had a few meals at the buffet. I'm over eating crap foods. I am craving healthy salads! What you can't see is all the fresh fruit I loaded up my plate with. Of course I had to have a caramel roll, bacon, hash-browns, eggs and french toast every day with my fruit. 
Before leaving Duluth, we stopped by Lake Superior. We wanted to check out the Blue ice on the lake shores. 
Logan found a bowl shaped ice chunk. 

We got some pre-valentine's day donuts at Mojo Monkeys. 

 The maple Bacon donut is still my all time favorite. 
 We sure missed our sweet little Zoe. She had fun at Meme's and Pepe's while we were gone. I don't think she missed us much because she was pretty spoiled.