Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Friday, March 18, 2016


I don't wake up grumpy very often but this was an exception. Too many hot flashes to count last night. Not running yesterday, which always makes me a little grumpy. I have cure for the grumpiness.. Run and run fast. 
I just wanted to run a quick 3 miles. I'm still feeling tightness in both my calves, but at least I don't have that stabbing pain in my left calf. 
Sweaty and feeling much better after my run. Funny how just running can get you in a way better mood. I really needed that! I was not grumpy for any other reason then I'm tired of feeling hot all of a sudden all the time. When is this going to go away. I hope, really hope it's not years. I must be on year 2? Not that I'm keeping count because I try to forget about it. The joy of getting older. Remember when we were younger and wanted to be older? Those days are long gone!
Zoey found her perfect resting place this morning on Steve's back. 

She was not about to budge. 

St. Patty's day came and went with out me doing a whole lot to celebrate. We did have crab legs to celebrate Celina not being allergic to them. We had her tested yesterday with an allergist.  Desert was store bought cupcakes. I watched Brooklyn the movie about the Irish girl coming to America. 
Here is my running time.. I might run more this afternoon. I should get in 6 miles for the day but it's snowing and I probably won't. 

I see bloggers writing 5 things people don't know about themselves. 

Here is my list

1. I've been afraid of escalators since I was 4 years old. I was stuck at the stop while my family was below. I was afraid to step on the moving stairs and still get freaked out by it. DC.. the escalator from HELL.. that went up and up and up. I thought I was going to fall backwards. It terrifies me. Point in China some woman was sucked under and died. Real fears here!

2. I love the store bought frosting on cakes. 

3. I hate sleeping alone. 

4. I use to hate bananas until I made banana bread in 7th grade. 

5. I'm an approval seeker. 

Your turn...
Happy Friday!