Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My last post of 2014...

It's my last post for 2014.. a
2014 Goodbye....

I'll have to do a full year recap of my running, biking, cross ramp, skiing miles and total miles of 2014!

First I'm sharing my 2014 Highlights
Rugged Manaic with Steve. We volunteer and then run this messy, muddy race. 
Soccer, getting out of my comfort zone and trying something that looked like fun and working on my running speed. 
Volunteering with Celina at the Monster Dash 5K. Felt great to give back at a race. Next year we are going to run it!

Winter snow running with my new Yaktrax. Again, out of my comfort zone and running through winter outside!
My new found love of Greek Yogurt and Frozen Raspberries for a great ice cream substitute! Working on making healthier food choices.
Getting to spend my Mondays with this little guy, Evan and watching him grow this past year. A big one year old! 
Daily planks 6 minutes total in 2014.. 
My new Fitbit to use in the coming year. 

Cross country skiing.. Love getting out on the trails in the winter and skiing a few miles.
Mountain biking up north in the deep woods and on all the dirt roads around the house too. Steve and I had a great time biking all over this spring, summer and fall. 
Daily yoga- stretching.. My morning routine to get my day started right in 2014.. 
Wineries.. and wine tasting in Minnesota. 

Watching both Celina and Logan play soccer this year. 

Celina going to her first High School Home coming dance
Trail Running around the lakes this summer and fall.
Running in the early mornings, in the dark but being safe. 
Pool swimming.. training but not racing. 
Favorite new salad. I learned to love Blue Cheese this year. 
Great healthy treat of microwave popcorn. Better snacking. 

We had our share of fun too this past year.. Jet skiing on the St. Croix River and taking a country road ride on the motorcycle. 

Daily logging my fitness, and food. 
5K Race and took 3rd place in Age Group. 
Kayaking in lake Superior and in the BWCA
 Camping.. up North by Grand Marais, MN

There is a ton more things from this past year that we did as a family.. 

Total Miles, Running, Cross ramp, skiing, Elliptical, X-skiing = 2007.1 miles in 2014
Total rest days in 2014 out of 365 days of the year = 35 days no cardio 

December Miles
 Running  = 36.5 miles
Biking stationary = 5 miles
Cross Ramp = 61 Miles
X-Ski 10 Miles