Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fortunate to run.. I'm not going to say Blessed!

I think everyone is over doing the "blessed" saying. I'm just going to stick with being fortunate to be able to run, ski or bike and pretty much do what ever I want to be able to do. This isn't the case with everyone and I realize that I'm fortunate to do what I love each and every day.

My blood tests all came back normal. I'm guessing that being tired has more to do with me working out all the time and my job that is like a workout. I can burn any where from 250 calories up to 800 just by working. Maybe this is why I feel tired and need a break every once in a while? I'm guessing YES!

I'm doing the run, ski or bike after work when I'm already tired. This will get me use to working out already being tired so maybe that will help boost my endurance?

I skied 5.5 miles yesterday in perfect trail conditions. I was hoping I could have one more day with good snow conditions. That's just not the case. It rained last night and we are in the upper 30's, so the snow is melting fast. Instead of skiing for an hour, I headed out to run.

Three miles in thirty minutes! Good enough! I do want to get back to running 4.5 miles or 6 but I have till spring to keep upping those running miles. Just until I can get back on my bike.

I've been just running any old pace. I'm getting slower 10:27 minute mile for mile #3, mile 1 and 2 were around 10:15 minutes each.

Zoey went to the groomer last night. She went from a hairy dog to a clean shaven lean puppy.
She looks good. I'll have to try and sneak another picture of her when she's not looking. For some reason she does not like her photo taken and will move if she sees me with my cell pointed her way.

Just hanging around outside in 36+F cooling off in a tank top before I go inside after my run.

I'm still dieting or should I say working on my Transformation. Sticking to 1000 to 1500 calories per day. I even ate ice cream with a tiny brownie last night and managed to stick to my calories for the day!

Here's what I ate Monday:

- Am, 1 wheat with 1 tbsp. chucky PB (150 cal)
           1 banana (70 cal)

Noon - 1 sweet potato (100)
Eve - 1 cup white rice with chicken and pork (~300 - 400 cal)
Snack - popcorn (200 cal)
            Greek Yogurt (80 cal)
            nuts (150 cal)
            Ice cream with a tiny brownie (300 cal)
total calories = ~1500

Today, Tuesday:
Am - 1 wheat PB (150)
         1 banana ( 70)
Noon 1 sweet potato (100)
Snack popcorn (200)
Few nuts (100)
Eve Chicken with rice/veggies/salsa, guac (500)
Eve snack