Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What did I learn from sixty days of dieting?

It's another goal day. Day #60 of my diet. What exactly have I learned over the 60 days?
#1 It's not easy the first three days. It does get easier to stick with it once you past the first week. I'm on week #10 and I am happy to say, I don't crave junk. I crave my soup, sweet potatoes, peanut butter and popcorn. 

I had cheat snacks. I still had wine, cookies and ice cream but not too much of it and spread out over the entire ten weeks. 

I've learned that I don't need to be perfect on my diet. It's more important to make healthy food choices. 

I do need to eat around 500 calories per day to drop weight fast. Around 1000 - 1800 calories per day is easier and more realistic to maintain and keep losing weight slowly. 

While I have yet to reach my goal of fat loss, I'm still 100% in to keep going on my diet. 

The most important part is that I start each day focused on my weight loss goal and keep track of all food and exercise. 

I also pre-plan my meals and snacks. Plus, having those foods cooked and ready to go is best for when your hungry. 

Popcorn is my go to food when I want to just eat mindless and have something to chew on. 

Exercise is important to toning up, but won't help me drop pounds. It's diet 100%. It might burn calories but not enough if you eat it all back due to being overly hungry after. Zoey helps keep me moving through the afternoons and evening when I want to sit on the couch. She won't stop until I get up and let her outside and then back in again. Its up and down all day long. 

My Strawberry tart I made on Monday and we still have some in the frig. I don't deprive myself if I really want something. I just make sure to have a small slice and that's all. Any thing spicy is good for me with lots of flavor! Got to wake up those taste buds and keep foods interesting. I didn't have to give up cheese either on this diet. I just limit it to once in a while, like when I ate some stuffed peppers Steve made. I would have made some without cheese. 

I have more toning to do and more weight loss in the next few weeks. Now that I've re-learned how to eat again. I'm going to continue on to maintain my weight loss and lose a few more pounds. Feeling good and better about how my clothes fit!!
I tried on some clothes at Kohl's Tuesday afternoon and realized, I still need to lose body fat. Those mirrors are awful in the dressing rooms. Back to reality and there is no hiding it! I did purchase a top and some sandals but they might go back to the store. I might change my clothes and shoe reward for a pedicure or just a color change.