Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

It's a good thing I take pictures or I wouldn't remember what I did the last three days. 
I started off Friday with eating lots and lots of watermelon. We have hit a lot of good ones and I hope this trend continues because, once you hit a bad one, I'm done. 
We drove up to the lake on Saturday morning super early. Steve and I wanted to spend the day at two different wineries up north. We drove through a little town on the way to drink wine and had to stop to see the tank up close. 

We setup the camper, cut off a few branches that fell and stacked them up for firewood. We didn't stay long at the lake because we were off to wine taste. 

I was just happy we had nice weather. The wind wasn't crazy which was a nice change being on the lake. 

The first winery in Melrose we found out was closing in July due to new state regulations. They have good sweet wines so we were sad to see they won't be around next summer. We purchased a bottle and sat out on their patio. 

The next winery was Carlos Creek in Alexandria. It was a busy place with weddings and all the people drinking wine. They had a band, horses and of course lots of wine. We sat at an outdoor table by the band and played cribbage as we shared a bottle of red wine. 

After all the wine, we drove out to the lake to our favorite pizza place, Zorba's. 
After dinner we walked down to the lake. I realized at some point I had on two different flip flops. I brought along two pairs of shoes, one for wine tasting and the other for camping. I must have not been able to decide what shoe to wear to the lake. I found both on my feet on the way back to the car. 

Since there was hardly any wind and the sun was out on the beach, we had a fire. We haven't had a beach fire for probably 10 years. We usually have our fire up by the camper in the area protected by the trees with less wind. It was nice sitting closer to the water. 
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset. 

I actually changed out of workout clothes and put on a skirt. My tank tops now fit a lot better after losing weight. Of coure it was not a diet weekend. I'll start again Tuesday morning. Mostly, I tried to eat healthy but had a few treats too. I just need to drop calories this coming week. 

Just resting after my three mile run this morning. Felt good to sit out in the cool air. Sunday, the kids joined me for a bike ride. Logan and Steve wanted burgers so we took the bikes to Culvers a 12+ mile bike ride there and home. I shared chocolate custer cup with Steve so I didn't eat the whole thing myself. 
We spotted a rainbow on the way home from the store tonight. We are making taco's and of course didn't have everything we needed. 

Steve made his peppers and I made a tart with a cookie crust covered with a thin layer of chocolate, topped with vanilla pudding, strawberries and whip cream. It was pretty good. We still have half a tart left! I always seem to make desserts when we don't have others to help eat it all up. 

I didn't need to eat the tart, but I did and loved every bite! 
That was my weekend.. now on the the work week... a BUSY Tuesday its going to be!