Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Body Fat Issues!

You can not pick and choose where you will have fat and lose fat. It doesn't even help to spot exercise those trouble areas. Just an all over body workout to tone up. Nothing is ever a quick process and even people like myself that work out every day don't see the toning up changes that we want to see. It's a tough reality! Not that you should give up and just say oh well.. Anything you do is better then nothing! 

I decided to re-do my body fat using my Fat loss monitor this morning. Still around 24% fat and BMI (body mass index)
24% is on the low in the normal range for my age. Guess that's not too bad but I'd like to see that number lower!! A lot lower. I still have fat around my middle and that fat on my thighs that makes my legs rub together. I'm not sure that fat will ever go away without a little medical intervention. That's the last resort and not one I'm going to do anytime soon. I suppose if I reach my weight loss goals and lower my % fat, I might decided to do that. Its truly a bummer when my legs stick together while walking. It just feels gross! 

Last night after dinner, Logan thought it would be funny to fix my hair. He used my water bottle to give my hair the height. We had a good laugh over how tall my hair could go up! 

This is not a hair style look I'll be wearing! 

I thought I'd share how I make my weight loss soup! It's around 350 calories for 6 cups of soup. You can eat the entire pot of soup! Some days I do eat it all! 

The main soup mix I purchase from The Thymes grocery store. It's not cheap, around $5 per package. Then you have to purchase salsa and broth. Plus chicken if you want to add that into your soup. I skip the added chicken and if I eat it, its on the side. 
I purchase low fat and low sodium chicken broth. I look for deals around $2 per box of 4 cups broth, my salsa is from Cub foods in the refrigerator section. Spicy good! And some green salsa to tone down the spice. I add a little extra chili powder for flavor. I dump it all into one pot, cover and cook for 30 minutes on low heat. Easy lunch and dinner. 

A wedding insert of what not to do! Don't be that couple, its just super tacky. Don't remind people to bring CASH and the gift suggestions??? Wow.. just wow.. Maybe they should have reminded people how to dress for a wedding and how to act. Yikes!!! Don't worry, we were not invited to this wedding. Just thought I'd share some humor for the day. 

It's that running time. I need to run because with good news, there sometimes is bad news that follows. I always get bummed out a little when I lose a customer. Such is life.. they come and go and hopefully return. It's always and up and down kind of business. Mostly up, so when I get a little bad news it doesn't last long.