Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Monday, December 26, 2016

Our Christmas 2016

Here's a little Christmas 2016 recap!

For starters, I might need my eyes check since I have a lot of blurry photos.
 I'm going to jump around all over to recap our Christmas. We kicked off the holiday with going out to dinner with friends on Friday night. We met up at the MOA, Firelake Grill for a few happy hour drinks.

It was off to dinner at another restaurant, The Twin City Grill in the MOA. We had to wait a few minutes while the restaurant got our table ready for our party of eight. Mollie and I went into Bed Bath and Beyond to test out all the body spray including the ones with glitter. We were laughing and straying each other with every single tester bottle. We were quite strong smelling when we walked out of that place.
After bowling we went up to the 4th floor at the mall and check out the new Virtual Reality game place that just opened. Since we all were not into any of the games or the go-carts, we decided on just regular bowling. Lets just say, I took last place. I am not a bowler!
 I did my usual Christmas baking the day before. I made some chocolate bread, caramel rolls and raspberry -cream cheese coffee cake. I had plans to make a quiche the morning of Christmas. Since we were up past 1am the Christmas Eve, and were up late the night before, I went back to sleep from 8am to 10:30am. I woke up just before we had to leave to Steve's parents house for brunch on Christmas morning.


I forgot all about Christmas Eve! We all met up at Tim's house. We've been going there for years now and it's nice to spend time at everyone house.

The kids opened their gifts from Tim. We all ate and played that money dollar game, which was a huge success!
 Logan won the dollar game and came away with $33 dollars!

The dollar game winner!

Christmas morning we ate brunch at Steve's parents house. The kids once again opened their gifts.

Christmas Day Dinner was at our house. Every took a short break between brunch and dinner before coming over to our house.

Celina and Logan opened their stockings early in the morning on Christmas day.

Evan opening his stocking before dinner.

Our Christmas cream puff dessert. Kendra and Logan did the fancy sugar that was spun into a nest in the middle.
 The gift exchange for all

The one exercise I did over the holiday was a 4 minute plank. Celina, Logan, Paul and I all competed to see who could hold the longest plank. Celina was the winner with a 4 minute and 10 seconds. I gave up after 4 minutes and Logan and Paul both quit around 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Tim and Logan kicked off the superman challenge by holding it for a minute.

I've now decided this should be an every year challenge. I have some work to do for next years challenge. I started off this morning by doing a 4 minute plank bent arms, followed by 3 minute straight arm plank. I just decided to combine the plank times all together instead of splitting it up. Side planks I held for two minutes each side. I just skipped out on one minute when doing my straight arm plank. I'll get there over the year.