Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Monday, December 12, 2016

Lighting a fire under my butt!

Its that stressful time of the year when I have to light a fire under my butt to keep moving forward and get everything done. I try hard to get everything done for Christmas and make it less stressful or at least attempt. I am always stressed about gift buying, getting everything wrapped, purchased, cookies baked, calendars made, decorations up, houses cleaned and the list goes on. I can only do so much and I try to do what I think is my top priority of the day.

Yes, I still hate my bangs and they are a pain but I'm coping and trying not to focus too much on how I want them to grow out ASAP! In the mean time, I am trying to use my time to get everything off my to do list. This weekend, it was baking. I bake cookies and candies every year for my family. The last few years I've been doing candy since that keeps till Christmas day. This year, I was all about the cookie with only a few candies. I wanted to give them out before Christmas to enjoy eating up to the day instead of after. I spent Saturday and Sunday in the kitchen.

I made pumpkin bread, four little loaves.
 Chocolate Crinkle cookies with extra chocolate chips, but mini this year. Half the size of regular cookies to make them one bite size.
Almond bark pretzels in dark chocolate and white.

 Chocolate Meringue cookies.
Everyone's favorite Raspberry thumbprint cookies. Plus, I made more gingersnap cookies and Logan made some honey comb candy, coated in chocolate. I wanted to make more cookies, but there is only so much you can make.

I'm happy to report, we got snow! Lots of it, about 6 or 7" which is enough to go cross country skiing. I hit up the trail on Sunday. I purchased my pass for the season and out I went. There were a few others skiing, but not many as the trail wasn't that good. The park won't plow a ski trial until there is at least 8" of snow or more.

I over dressed for my first time out this year. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I got ready to ski. I had on two pairs of my winter leggings, three layers of shirts, extra warm gloves, face scarf, head band and my warmer winter jacket. It only took a few minutes of skiing to realize I made a mistake in over dressing. I ended taking off my gloves, and unzipping all the layers of shirts/jacket, taking off my head band and face mask. I was still HOT! Plus, the first time out is always more exhausting. I just can't pick up where I left off last season. I tried to do the full loop around the park all 5 something miles. I got almost to the half way point and then decided to take a short cut. Not sure if it was much of a short cut. I took the walking path and then finally came back out on the ski trail. At least the walking path was easier to ski on since it was packed down from walkers. I felt a bit guilty of going off the trail.
It was slow going on the trail since there was on a few skiers before me and in some places no trail at all in certain sections. I was out skiing for over an hour and did about 4 miles in that time. I was more then ready to be done skiing for the day.

It sure was pretty out in the woods with the snow covered trees. This is why I love cross country skiing. Not to mention its great exercise! I get my running break too.
Steve's mom bought Zoey a Santa outfit. She doesn't mind all this dress up clothes. I think she actually likes it. It's her last day of being a puppy. She turns one year old tomorrow!

Zoey loves the deep snow. She wanted to spend the entire day outside, running around, digging in the snow and eating it. 
We were all in the mood for waffles on Sunday morning. I made up a bunch and tried making one with bacon in it.
I was hoping we'd get our porch finished up. Steve did paint the trim up high one coat of the primer. It will need three more coats of paint and then we can paint the room. Well, that's after I do the trim behind the piano and book case. Maybe next weekend the walls will be painted. I'll finish up the trim this week after work.
This is our only room with carpet. It hasn't been cleaned in 12 years since we put in the carpet. It was looking pretty dirty when you walk in the room. Steve's brother has a carpet cleaning vacuum that he let us use. I tried it out last night and cleaned the area just where you walk in the room. I tried just using a little vinegar with hot water. It seems to do the trick as the water was dark brown. I went over the same area three times. I'll probably go over it again once its dry. We have a few spots that I'll just hit too with the cleaner. I didn't want to use a soap based product, because it seems once you clean the carpet with that, it picks up even more dirt. We probably should replace the carpet in this room but that's for another time.
Friday night we played a new game at a neighbors party. I don't recall the name of the game but you had to wear this dental thing in your mouth and read a card. Everyone took turns trying to figure out what you were saying. I laughed so hard, I was crying. The letter "P" is hard to pronounce!

 While we were at the party, Paul took the kids with Evan to watch a Gophers BB game. They had a great time!

I am a bit obsessed with not wanting Trump to actually be president. I saw this version of the Time cover and like it! I just find it disturbing that we have a president like this!
One last photo of Zoey with snow on her nose.