Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Saturday, October 22, 2016


We headed for Duluth on Thursday afternoon. My plan was to leave ASAP, meaning the second I got home from working around noon. It would take a good two and a half hours to get to the campus for our tour at 3pm. It didn't leave us any time. Well, luck would have it, the kids weren't home. Out having lunch and making us late. I really dislike being late for anything so of course this made me mad for the first hour of our trip. I set the GPS to the campus and it showed the time at 3:20. That's 20 minutes late for our tour. Not to mention, all the tours were booked for Thursday /Friday so this was it. The whole point of going to Duluth was to tour the campus and see if Celina and her friend wanted  to go to school there. I finally got over being angry because what can you do? Traffic was super slow in one construction zone. We ended up getting there around 4pm. We got super lucky and there was one tour guy there and he was willing to take us around on our hour long tour of the school. Nice!

We completely forgot to take any photos during or after our tour. We went back Friday and took some photos and Celina purchased a Bulldog Sweatshirt.
The girls liked the school. I liked how you didn't have to go outside at all in the winter. All the buildings are connected.

Walking around the campus on Friday.
Since we started our trip off with the campus tour, we had all of Friday to hang out and do what we wanted before driving home.

We had an early dinner at Tavern on the hill. It's right across the street from the campus.

Celina wanted to see the Duluth lift bridge all lit up, so we drove through cannel park, took a photo then drove to the hotel.
I gave the kids $20 to spend on games while I spent $20 on some gambling machines. We all spent our money pretty quickly.

Friday morning we got up early, ate a big buffet at the hotel and checked out to go down the street to Jay Cook State park.

 The new swing bridge

Then we drove to get coffee in Duluth and do a little bit of shopping.

We drove over the lift bridge to go out to the sandy beach area.

We also wanted to go to Goose bury falls which was a good 45 minute drive farther north.