Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

One more Bucket list Item checked off!!

Yes, I have a bucket list of all the activities I need to do before I'm too old. I'm not sure at what age I will feel I'm too old but not taking any chances and I'm doing my Bucket list Items now!

Sunday, Celina and I completed the Minnesota Fun Dualathalon in Rosemount. I had been wanting to do a race like this forever!! I finally signed up last week and we raced it. It was nice to have Celina want to do this race with me. It was the lower mileage out of the two races. I've been running a lot less miles and biking a lot more this summer. So the distance for running 1.5 miles, bike 10 miles and run another 1.5 miles on a closed car course that was pretty flat and super close to home sounded  like the perfect race distance for us.

We took a few photos after the race because I forgot to have Steve take photos of us together at the race, when it was all done. I'm not sure where my mind was because that just is not like me to forget photos at a race!
The duathlon was a smaller race, which I like. It's just easier to park, walk around, get set up and the list goes on of all the reasons for the smaller number of people that I prefer.

The photos are a little out of order..

 Here we are at the start of the race. Running 1.5 miles and then back to bike

I was a little confused where to go from the bike to run out. I started running towards the bike out area then realized nope, that's not right and then had to run the other direction to the start of the run out. I spent longer then I should have on my transition from bike to run but in all I had a good 1st Duathalon time.

1:06:04 total. 1st female to finish and 8th over all.
Run 1st time 14:47, (9:52 pace), Bike 33:20, Run 2nd 13:58 (9 min pace)

Celina did great too for her first race. 1:10:38 total, 8:45 per minute running 1st time (13.35 min), 39:41 minutes bike, 9 minute mile running 2nd time (13:30), 14th place over all, 6th woman