Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Weight-loss, Fitness, Running

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hands Free!

I need my hands free when I run. It just didn't work to hold my cell phone for my entire 7 miles. I just feel a lot safer running with my phone, not to mention I can take a ton of photos. It took a lot of effort this morning to not drop my phone while running. I'd much rather run hands free.
Lucky me.. I scored a $7.00 Running belt to store my phone, keys or money. 

Do not call this a fanny pack! It clearly is a running belt completely different and in no way related to those outdated fanny packs. 

It's rather stylish.. purple and it the exact size I need to store my phone and I can even get the next larger phone and still be good! Plus, I've heard about runners pinning their bib numbers to a running belt for Tri's easy transition between the swim, run and bike change. I can also fit keys and stuff my gloves in this pouch if needed. Mostly it's just going to be for my phone. 
It has not been above 60+F since October 13th of last year. Felt great to actually feel a spring day! The kids broke out their shorts and I once again, got out the flip flops.. If I'm not in running shoes, I need to be wearing these! 
Now that I'm officially running outdoors again. I have to keep my indoor gym shoes separate from my outdoor shoes. Good thing they are a semi different shade of pink or I'd get them mixed up. I'm just trying to keep the new indoor shoes nice for a bit longer. 
I finished my shopping day with a new summer running shirt. This is super cute and I can't wait for a hot 80*F day to wear it out while I run. I have a problem when I shop, I always can find something for running, but not everyday clothes. This is a problem! 

Completely forgot got to update on my weekly mile totals:
Cross Ramp Miles = 21

Treadmill Miles=  15
Outdoor running miles = 7
Stationary Bike Miles = 2
Bikini Challenge days = 4, & 6 days of planks
Total Miles for the week = 45


What have you recently purchased to run in?

Favorite color for spring clothes/shoes?